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Charles E. Schlumberger



Dr. Charles E. Schlumberger, a Swiss national, is the Lead Air Transport Specialist of the World Bank in Washington DC. In this function he is responsible for the Bank’s policy and development priorities in the field of air transportation. He supervises or participates directly in several air transport projects globally, which range from air transport infrastructure financing, air carrier restructuring and/or privatization, air transport safety and security projects, and air transport policy advice to governments. He has also published several papers and books on air transport topics, which include an analysis of liberalization of air services in Africa and a review of the challenges and opportunities of alternative fuels for aviation.

Prior to his appointment to the World Bank in 1998, Dr. Schlumberger has held the position of Vice-President at Union Bank of Switzerland, responsible for international credit restructuring. Prior to his activities in financial institutions, he was the CEO of a logistics and transport group in France, and worked as a lawyer on aviation related matters in Switzerland.

Dr. Schlumberger graduated in 1986 with a Law Degree from Basel Law School, focusing on aviation law and bankruptcy procedures. He further holds an MBA from Harvard Business School in Boston, USA, and received a degree of Doctor of Civil Law from the Institute of Air and Space Law of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He is also an active FAA and EASA licensed pilot and certified flight instructor, and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

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