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Aviation Safety Improvements & CO2 Reduction at Eight Airports in Mozambique



The World Bank
April 9, 2010

The Bank financed the development of satellite based instrument approaches (GNSS) at eight airports in Mozambique in a recent Communications Sector Reform project for Mozambique. IATA executed the mandate at a total costs of only $650,000, and the new system requires quasi no maintenance at all.

Management of Mozambique's national carrier LAM just confirmed that these approaches have resulted in a significant improvement in safety and in "tremendous fuel savings". The result of the fuel savings is that thousands of tons of CO2 will not be emitted, as aircraft will be able to land in bad weather and not divert and return.

This is a good example to address climate change with technology, which is comparatively inexpensive!

So far, the Bank has financed GNSS approaches and the same kind of infrastructure improvements in a few other countries (e.g. Kenya, Afghanistan).

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