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West & Central Africa Air Transport Projects


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The West and Central Africa’s Air Transport Safety and Security Project was initiated in 2006. Its prime objective is to create a safe and secure environment for air transport services in West and Central Africa, which is a precondition for African carriers to access regional and worldwide markets competitively. West and Central African states can individually apply to join the program, which is structured in several tranches, to benefit from its total allocation of $151.5 million.

The main outcome targeted for each participating country is reaching full compliance to ICAO safety and security standards by its civil aviation oversight agency, and by its major international airports. These activities and investments in each country vary from capacity building to the procurement of safety and security equipment. However, given the small size of the air transport industry and the limited resources in each country, it is stressed that these goals can only be achieved through regional cooperation, with the establishment of Regional Aviation Safety Oversight Agencies (RASOAs).

The Bank’s project is structured as a horizontal Adaptable Program Lending (APL) enabling any of West and Central African country not included in the initial phase to join during subsequent phases, using the same eligibility criteria. Included in phase I are Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea and Mali, with an overall allocation of $33.57 million. Phase II of the Program was initiated in FY08, with Nigeria’s participation in the program for an amount of $46.65 million.

The implementation of the project is well underway, with many infrastructure components being constructed. Nevertheless, progress in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) capacity-building, especially through regional cooperation by establishing RASOAs based on the sub-regional economic communities, remains slow. Several additional West and Central Africa countries are planning to join Phase II of the APL. The Phase II-B of the project, consisting of Benin, Mauritania, and Senegal, has passed Bank Board approval and has become effective as of August 2009.

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