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Institutional and Management Structures

This website deals with the way institutional responsibilities are assigned for managing different parts of the road network and how each part of the network is then managed. It discusses public sector reform and, within that context, the need to restructure road management. It then looks at the various ways in which this is currently being done. It touches on the desirability of contracting civil works out to the private sector, but does not go into any detail, see Construction & Maintenance (you will now be directed to the World Bank Construction & Maintenance website). It does not deal with the problem of overloading, i.e., enforcing vehicle weight & dimension regulations (see Construction & Maintenance) and, although it does deal briefly with the problems of managing small road networks, it does not go into any detail on rural roads, see Rural Transport (you will now be directed to the World Bank Rural Transport website). It also provides selected case studies of road restructuring and other useful documents.

The following documents looks at the various options available for "managing roads like a business." If focuses on the "key issues" you need to bear in mind when reviewing existing management arrangements and deciding what, if anything, might be done to restructure the road agency to ensure that the public gets value-for-money from its road spending. Examples of Terms of Reference and a Bibliography are also included.

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