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Reinventing Government

Attempts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the road sector, rarely take place in isolation. They normally form part of a wider agenda to improve the efficiency of government as a whole. This process of public sector reform (PDF 56 KB) has been driven by a variety of factors, with serious fiscal crises and depreciation of the currency being the most common factors. Major changes in political philosophies - for example, the break up of the central planning model in the Eastern European transition countries - have also played a role. In response to the pressures for public sector reform, governments have been: (i) rethinking the role of government, particularly its responsibility for policy versus service delivery; (ii) restructuring and repositioning traditional government departments; (iii) redesigning and improving service delivery with much greater emphasis on involving the private sector in this task; (iv) redefining ways in which performance is measured and government agencies are held accountable for results; and (v) strengthening human resource capacity and, through that, organizational performance. This is the context within most road agencies are being restructured.

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