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Managing Roads Like a Business

Managing roads like a business (i.e., commercializing road management), leads to a number of changes in the way in which they are managed. The general direction of the reforms can be grouped under four main headings:

  • Separating the planning and management of roads from implementation of road works and contracting out implementation to the private sector.
  • Establishing a more autonomous road agency that operates at arms length from government.
  • Replacing the previous model of accountability (i.e., through the Permanent Secretary to the Minister), with better oversight arrangements that strengthen accountability and pay more attention to the needs of road users.
  • Streamlining the structure of the road agency and improving terms and conditions of employment for road agency staff.
A number of the road agencies that have been restructured, have been set up under new legislation and there are now clear guidelines on how such legislation should be prepared (PDF 34 KB). There are also examples of recent road agency legislation (PDF 128 KB), together with and a standard template for setting up an autonomous road authority (PDF 189 KB).