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Better Management Information Systems

The final element for a commercialized road agency is an effective set of management information (PDF 37 KB). This needs to include a modern road management system (to inform decisions on routine and periodic maintenance, rehabilitation of pavements and bridges, upgrading roads and adding new roads to the network), together with a cost accounting system and a set of commercial accounts. This framework needs to be supported by both internal and external audit functions. The internal audit function assists the board in its oversight task, while the external audit - which usually forms part of a statutory audit - checks, on a sample basis, that: (i) all revenues due have been collected and properly accounted for; (ii) all payments are consistent with the regulations and are supported by adequate documentation; (iii) accounting systems and internal control procedures are adequate; and (iv) all work has been done according to specification (which involves site inspections). The overall aim is to ensure that road spending has produced value for money.