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Examples of Commercialized Road Agencies

A recent review of ongoing progress in commercializing road agencies in developing and transition countries, summarized progress in 2003 as follows:

Box 2: Countries With Autonomous or Semi-autonomous National Road Agencies
Established Being Established Under Consideration
Colombia Lesotho Angola
Ghana Zambia Botswana
India Zimbabwe Laos
Latvia Philippines
Malawi Swaziland
Malaysia Yemen
South Africa

A number of countries have already established autonomous, or semi-autonomous road agencies, while several others are in the process of doing so or are considering it. The above table does not include industrialized countries, where notable examples can be found in Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden and elsewhere. Summaries are available showing how the South African National Roads Agency Ltd, Transit New Zealand, the UK Highways Agency and the Swedish National Road Agency (PDF 116 KB) have been restructured, together with specific papers on the National Administration of Roads in Romania (PDF 114 KB) and the Roads Authority of Namibia (PDF 66 KB).

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