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A listing of all Transport Publications

  • TP-9: Launching Public Private Partnerships for Highways in Transition Economies
    Cesar Queiroz, September 2005  (PDF 182KB)
    In many countries the private sector has been involved in financing infrastructure through concessions under a public-private partnership (PPP) program. PPP schemes, however, are somewhat underutilized in transition economies, where the potential financing gaps are significant and growing, and there seems to be an enormous potential for more private sector involvement in the financing and operation of highway assets in these countries

  • TRN-27: Performance-based Contracting for Preservation and Improvement of Road Assets
    Natalya Stankevich,  Navaid Qureshi and Cesar Queiroz, September 2005 (PDF 197KB)

    The purpose of this Note is to review the worldwide experience with the PBC approach, highlight the main advantages, the steps involved and the results generated. The document is intended to provide World Bank transport sector staff, Ministries of Transport and road agencies of developing and transition countries with a clear understanding of the benefits, and risks, of applying the PBC approach. A separate Resource Guide (to be released by the World Bank in 2006) will offer more detailed information and resources pertaining to performance-based contracting.

  • TRN-4: Why Road Maintenance Is Important and How To Get It Done
    Sally Burningham and Natalya Stankevich, June 2005 (PDF 193KB)

    This Note highlights the economic and social importance of regular road maintenance and recommends ways to achieve sustainable road maintenance with scarce public resources. This Note has been produced with the financial assistance of a grant from TRISP: a partnership between the UK Department for International Development and the World Bank for learning and sharing knowledge in the fields of transport and rural infrastructure services.

  • TRN-2: Economically Justified Levels of Road Works Expenditures on Unpaved Road
    Rodrigo Archondo-Callao, November 2004 (PDF 230KB)
    This technical note, targeted to road sector professionals, presents a methodology for an analytical study done to access economically justified levels of road works expenditures on unpaved roads with different traffic levels.
    Spanish (PDF 227KB).

  • Guidelines for Roadside Stations
    July 2004.
    The Guidelines consist of six Technical Notes, a pilot study in Kenya, a pilot study in China and Terms of Reference for the pilot studies.
  • Training Course for Contracting Performance-based Management and Maintenance of RoadsThe course is structured in four parts and contains a good mix of modules, case studies and workshops. A Training Report for Thailand and China(MS-Word 29 KB) provides more information on the two completed training courses held to date.
  • TP-1: Public & Private Sector Roles in the Supply of Transport Infrastructure and Services. Operational Guidance for World Bank Staff
    Paul Amos, May 2004 (PDF 90KB)
    The transport challenges facing developing countries are many and various. What may be an acceptable policy in one country may be anathema in another for political, geographical or historical reasons. Therefore, this Guidance Note does not prescribe fixed solutions. It offers guidance in thinking about the options available and the factors that are important in judging between them.
    Russian (PDF 376KB).

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