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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

ITS image for Web pageA new family of technologically advanced approaches ¾ Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) ¾ is emerging to address many of today's traffic challenges. ITS applies information and communication technologies to traffic problems and is part of the global spread of Information Technology (IT). During the past ten years, countries around the world have begun to employ a new set of approaches and technologies to meet the challenges of surface transportation. In addition, the introduction of ITS applications in developing countries has contributed to the mitigation of many traffic problems. There are, however, numerous traffic challenges remaining that can benefit from the application of ITS.

These new ITS Technical Notes provide:

  1. An Introduction to ITS and Guidance on its Application (PDF, 0.4MB) 
  2. A Decision Making Model for the Selection of ITS Applications (PDF, 2.6MB) 
  3. A Series of Innovative Approaches to Assist a Country in Developing its ITS Plan and Conducting the Deployment, Operation, and Maintenance of the ITS Applications (PDF, 0.8MB) 
  4. ITS Standards (PDF, 0.4MB) 
  5. ITS System Architectures (PDF, 0.4MB) 
  6. Application of ITS in Developing Countries and Countries Worldwide (PDF, 2.4MB) 


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