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Data Collection and Analysis



Gathering data on a uniform set of indicators at the project level in a more consistent and automated fashion improves our ability to aggregate and report on results at the country, sectoral and institutional level - across the results chain. In addition, the core indicators strengthen our learning across projects, and improve the linkage between project-level and country-level results.

The use of available core sector indicators that are relevant to the project is required for IDA-supported investment operations that are approved or restructured on or after July 1, 2009. To the extent to which data are available, teams are encouraged to apply the relevant core sector indicators to active IDA-supported projects that were approved prior to that date. Although the adoption of core indicators is initially targeted at IDA-supported operations, their adoption in non-IDA-supported operations is also encouraged. For example, the FPD Sector Board expects MSME Finance Core Sector Indicators to be applied to both IDA and IBRD supported operations.

To facilitate the capture of this key data, the ISR template has been updated to allow teams to add relevant core sector indicators to the project results frameworks. Teams will be expected to provide baseline, target, and current data on the core sector indicators. In addition, teams will be asked to report on the total cumulative number of project beneficiaries. Going forward, all active IDA-supported projects which are mapped to a sector or thematic code for which there are core indicators should adopt all relevant core indicators in the results framework of the PAD.

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