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Roads Constructed



This indicator measures the number of kilometers of all roads constructed under the project. It is expected that the baseline value for this indicator will be zero.

Supplemental information
The TTL should specify separately the total of rural roads constructed and the total of non-rural roads constructed (note that non-rural is not equivalent to “urban”).

Guidance on rural and non-rural road classification
Rural roads are roads functionally classified in various countries below Trunk or Primary, Secondary or Link roads, or sometimes Tertiary roads. Such roads are often described as rural access, feeder, market, agricultural, irrigation, forestry or community roads. Typically, rural roads connect small urban centers/towns/settlements of less than 2,000 to 5,000 inhabitants to each other or to higher classes of road, market towns and urban centers.

To define rural and non-rural roads, the functionality of the classified road network must be first considered. In the absence of the availability of such classification the size of the settlements connected by the studied road should be used as the basis for the definition – specifically the road would be defined as non-rural if the settlements connected have more than 5,000 inhabitants, and the road would be defined as rural if the settlements connected have less than 2,000 to 5,000 inhabitants.

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