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Notes on Trade Facilitation

March 2007Estimating Economic Benefits for Revenue Administration Reform Projects
The World Bank relies in part on economic benefit estimates to evaluate the merits of investment projects. Recent lending operations for revenue administrations in Vietnam have led to some rethinking of these calculations. This Note shares their findings.

October 2005

Staff Incentives and Project Implementation: Lessons from e-Government
How should approaches to personnel management be changed so that staff incentives facilitate - rather than undermine - project implementation?

July 2004

Good Practice in Trade Facilitation: Lessons from Tunisia
Tunisia's experience shows how informationn anc communications technology can be used to facilitate trade - cutting costs, saving time, and increasing international competitiveness. It also highlights the conditions that make these benefits possible. 

July 2004The Public Sector Governance Reform Cycle: Available Diagnostic Tools
The World Bank has developed a variety of tools to assess and strengthen public sector capacity in client countries. What role can these tools play, and when and how are they best used?

May 2004

Trade Facilitation: Ways WTO Disciplines Could Promote Development 

December 2003

Trade Facilitation: New Issues in a Development Context

May 2001Increasing the Effectiveness of Preshipment Inspection Services 
Preshipment inspection services can improve Customs administration, but they are no substitute for comprehensive reform.

October 2000Computerizing Tax and Customs Administrations 
Computerization is an important part of World Bank tax and Customs projects. Drawing on completed and ongoing projects - especially the Phillipines Tax Computerization Project - this note offeres recommendations for project design and implementation.

April 2000
Reforming Tax Systems: Lessons from the 1990s
How can World Bank projects aimed at reforming tax administrations better integrate institutional analysis?
October 1999An Anticorruption Strategy for Revenue Administration
A recent review of World Bank loans for tax and Customs reforms reveals the potential of such projects for anticorruption efforts.


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