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Customs and Border Management

The Customs and Border Management Practice Group (CBMPG) is established within the International Trade Department. 

Africa TrucksThe World Bank has been an active player in customs reform and border management reform for many years having invested in over 120 Customs projects or projects with significant Customs components over the past 20 years.  The current portfolio includes approximately $420 million in Customs operations with in excess of $150 million in projects currently under development.

Work on this agenda is spread across all regions and pockets of technical expertise exist throughout the Bank Group.  Unfortunately, to date there has been very few opportunities for staff interested in the subject to share their experience and information except at a small number of formal learning and knowledge events.  The CBMPG is therefore designed to provide an informal means of sharing relevant information and to provide a practical vehicle for networking.  

Specifically the Practice Group will offer access to:

  • A network of Bank Group staff and other professionals with knowledge and experience in the customs and border management field;
  • Regular mail updates on relevant topics as well as advance notice of events and other developments of interest to practitioners;
  • Web-based tools and knowledge products as well as model terms of reference and an updated consultant's register;
  • A series of regular knowledge and learning activities including BBLs on subjects of relevance in the field; and
  • A professional network of experts in partner organizations such as the World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization, UNCTAD, etc. 
  • In addition to the above, the CBMPG will provide an opportunity for increased cooperation and peer to peer networking between the various units in the Bank Group active in the field.  It will prepare a quarterly newsletter for distribution to all members highlighting new activities and issues of interest as well as reports on events attended by members of the practice group. 

For further information on the CBMPG please contact Gerard McLinden, Senior Trade Facilitation Specialist, International Trade Department: 


The Border Management Modernization Handbook Series: 
Border Management ModernizationRM booklet thumbnailTIP cover small                                               
This series aims to help policymakers design and implement practical border management modernization initiatives so that officials meet their traditional control responsibilities while facilitating legitimate trade. Despite significant investment in the reform and modernization of Customs and other border management agencies, border processing and clearance remains a problematic issue for global supply chains. For developing countries, it may take three times as many days, nearly twice as many documents, and six times as many signatures to import goods as compared to rich countries.  Delays and costs at the border undermine a country’s competitiveness, either by taxing imported inputs with deadweight inefficiencies or by adding costs and reducing the competitiveness of exports.  The traditional focus on customs reform alone will unlikely resolve all at-the-border inefficiencies.  Instead, a broader and more comprehensive “whole-of-government” approach is necessary when it comes to border modernization.  
Collaborative Border Management: A New Approach to Dealing with an Old Problem 

trucks on the roadDrawing on recent operational experience and global good practice, this workshop will help to address challenges in border clearance processes - Thursday, October 18, 2012, MC C2-131 -

Bank Staff: Register in LMS

External Parties: RSVP to 


Core Team

The composition of the CBMPG team is small reflecting the limited number of Bank Group staff with specific technical competence in the border management field.  During the early stages of establishment of the practice group the following officials have agreed to serve as core facilitators and coordinators:





Gerard McLindenSenior Trade Facilitation SpecialistConvener
Toni Matsudaira Senior Trade Facilitation SpecialistCoordinator
Technical advice
Alan HallConsultantCoordinator, TFF
Technical Support
Ramesh SivaLead Information Officer CoordinatorE-Government and Single Window
Uma SubramanianLead Private Sector Development SpecialistCoordinator
Private Sector
Enrique FantaSenior Public Sector Specialist Coordinator, Revenue management
Patricia Wihongi ConsultantCBMPG Secretary

Last updated on October 16, 2012

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