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Operational Implications of Recent Customs Modernization Work

Sponsor: Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network


  • Michel Zarnowiecki, Snr. Trade Facilitation Specialist
  • Gerard McLinden, Snr. Trade Facilitation Specialist
  • Luc De Wulf, Consultant 

Description: The Bank has been involved in customs has been involved in customs modernization through structural adjustment and investment operations targeting improved trade logistics and trade facilitation, private sector development, and comprehensive customs modernization.     Based on the operational experience in the Bank and drawing on the lessons contained in the recent Bank publications Customs Modernization Handbook   and Customs Modernization Initiatives this workshop will provide guidelines for project design and implementation.  Issues to be covered will include: the role of customs in the 21st century, how to get external and internal stakeholders on board, the need for good diagnostic work and performance indicators, selection and procurement of information technology in support of customs modernization, risk management, integrity enhancement, enforcement, and advantages and disadvantages of partial versus comprehensive reform. During this workshop, participants will be provided with the tools and resources to identify Customs issues, integrate a Customs reform project under a wider program, and design simple ways of monitoring progress and achievement.


For Information: Monica Alina Mustra

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