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Facilitating Trade at the Border; Behind the Border; and Beyond

2010 Logistics Performance IndexOctober 2010 - In today’s global trading environment, supply chains intertwine seamlessly through countries and regions and trading has essentially become a 24/7 business.

Having an inefficient and inadequate transportation, logistics and trade-related infrastructure and services can severely impede a country’s ability to compete on a global scale.  In particular, developing countries and especially those that are landlocked, face considerable challenges when it comes to tackling trade facilitation issues. Recognizing this, the World Bank’s trade facilitation experts have developed a range of toolkits, data tools and publications in 2010 that will help developing countries improve their trade facilitation efforts. Read More >> 

Oct 4, 2010 Launch of "The Cost of Being Landlocked"

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Trade Facilitatin Facility

Trade Facilitation Facility
In April 2009 the World Bank Group launched the TFF, a multi-donor trust fund that assists developing countries in improving their trade facilitation systems.
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thumbnailTransit Facilitation
The Bank has initiated a major project to develop new knowledge and begin to explore new approaches to deal with the critically important but frequently underperforming area of transit. More >>
thumbnailNegotiation Support Project
Since February 2005 this project has provided real-time analysis and advice from members' capitals to Geneva-based negotiators.
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Learning Events
The mission of the Trade Logistics and Facilitation team is to promote awareness and exchange of good practice in trade logistics and facilitation activities.
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