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Trade Facilitation and Logistics


About the Program

In today's global trading environment, supply chains intertwine seamlessly through countries and regions and trading has essentially become a 24/7 business.

Having an inefficient and inadequate transportation, logistics and trade-related infrastructure and services can severely impede a country's ability to compete on a global scale. In particular, developing countries and especially those that are landlocked, face considerable challenges when it comes to tackling trade facilitation issues. Recognizing this, the World Bank's trade facilitation experts have developed a range of toolkits, data tools and publications that will help developing countries improve their trade facilitation efforts.


For questions on trade facilitation and logistics, please contact: Jean Francois Arvis


Logistics Performance Index 2014

The LPI is an interactive benchmarking tool created to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in their performance on trade logistics and what they can do to improve their performance. The LPI 2014 allows for comparisons across 160 countries.



  • TTCMTTrade and Transport Corridor Management Toolkit
    Charles Kunaka, Robin Carruthers | May 2014
    Free Download and resource materials

  • LPI 2012Logistics Peformance Index 2014
    J.F. Arvis, D. Saslavsky, L. Ojala, B. Shepherd, C. Busch, and A. Raj | March 2014
    LPI Homepage

  • QuARTAQuantitative Analysis of Road Transport Agreements (QuARTA)
    C. Kunaka, V. Tanase, P. Latrille, P. Krausz | April 2013
    Free Download | Book Widget

  • Gender Dimensions of TFLGender Dimensions of Trade Facilitation and Logistics
    Kate Higgins | April 2012
    Free Download

  • Logistics in Lagging RegionsConnecting Landlocked Developing Countries to Markets: Trade Corridors in the 21st Century
    J.F. Arvis, Graham Smith, Robin Carruthers | April 2011
    Free Download | Book Widget

  • TTFATrade and Transport Facilitation Assessment
    M.A. Mustra, J.F. Arvis, with J. Arnold, R. Carruthers and D. Saslavsky | March 2010
    Free Download | Book Widget

  • Logistics in Lagging RegionsLogistics in Lagging Regions: Overcoming Lo-cal Barriers to Global Connectivity
    Charles Kunaka | December 2010
    Free Download | Book Widget

Trade Facilitation Facility

In April 2009 the World Bank Group launched the TFF, a multi-donor trust fund that assists developing countries in improving their trade facilitation systems.

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