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Road Safety: Mexico in Focus

Begins:   Apr 19, 2012 
Ends:   Apr 19, 2012 

How multi-sector and inclusive responses are shaping the country's response to the road injury crisis, responsible for over 22,000 deaths and 250,000 hospital admissions every year.

"The median age of death resulting from road traffic injuries is 33, occurring as individuals reach their peak productivity and begin raising young families. This is a huge tragedy for their families, but also for our country as a whole", noted Dr. Arturo Cervantes, Director General of the National Council of Injury Prevention in Mexico on the sidelines of a UN Road Safety Collaboration Meeting hosted by the World Bank in April 2012.

Faced with considerable societal costs resulting from road traffic injuries, Mexico is embracing institutional collaboration between the main government agencies working to achieve road safety results. "We are addressing the question from the health sector perspective, with the Ministry of Communications and Transport as well as the Ministry of Public Security", he added, "as most of the victims end up in the hospital system". As highlighted in a Facility-sponsored publication on optimal institutional arrangements, effective road safety management requires shared multi-sectoral responsibility and the establishment of a lead agency as a basis for effective country organization. "It is characteristic of the health profession to work in a multidisciplinary fashion and we are taking a strong leadership role in bringing about this change". Addressing Mexico's strategy to engage a broad range of road safety stakeholders, Dr. Cervantes added: "We have also come to realize that the government can only achieve these goals working with the private sector and civil society. And the benefits can spread to other government priorities, such as sustainable development and combatting poverty on a large scale".

What Mexico is Doing to Achieve Safe Road System Approach

 Mexico's national road safety strategy 2011-2020 sets a 50% reduction target for the country as a whole.
 Mexico City hosted a Decade of Action launch event attended by Mexico's political leadership as well as senior transport and health officials from Latin America. 
 Mexico has joined the UN Road Safety Collaboration Group, a task force for guiding the UN Decade of Action efforts in countries chaired by the World Health Organization (WHO)
 Mexico is a member of the Executive Board of the Global Road Safety Partnership which together with the IFRC has established a Road Safety Partnership Office in Mexico 
 Mexico is one of the ten countries included in the RS10 project, an initiative funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies in support of evidence-based interventions in countries which collectively represent half of all annual road traffic deaths.

Road Injury Crisis in Mexico: Key Facts
Per capita income (US$, PPP)15,101
Population (million)113.4
GDP (US$ trillion)1.0
Road length (km)366,095
Total Road Deaths22,103
Deaths per 10,000 vehicles1.5
Deaths per 100,000 population19
Estimated loss due to crashes (US$ billion)48
Crash cost as percent of GDP5%


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