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Safe Infrastructure

Developing countries are rapidly expanding their road networks to accommodate increasing motorization, trade routes, and access to markets for rural communities. In developing countries, roads are used by a mix of actors, including significant numbers of motorcyclists, non-motorized vehicles, and pedestrians. Existing road networks were often designed for a different mix of traffic and vehicles. Newer roads, particularly high-speed arterial networks, frequently neglect important safety considerations in their design features, often with deadly implications.


The Global Road Safety Facility is pioneering the use of Safety Ratings on road networks, in partnership with the International Road Assessment Program (iRAP)

These are assessments best undertaken at the early stages of road design assigning a “protection” score which clearly identifies the road sections which have the potential to cause the greatest deaths and injuries. The Safety Rating program specifies the precise countermeasures that will be necessary, estimates the lives that will be saved, calculates a cost-benefit ratio, and proposes other measures to allow decision-makers to effectively allocate resources to secure a safe outcome. 

The Facility has also supported the development of a free toolkit of road engineering countermeasures. Building on decades of road safety research, the Toolkit helps engineers, planners and policy makers develop safety plans for car occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians, bicyclists, heavy vehicle occupants and public transport users.
The Facility works with project teams to ensure that recommendations from these assessments are incorporated into project documents and that client road agencies are assisted through capacity building activities to implement the recommendations and mainstream road safety assessments into the development and maintenance of their road networks.

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Star Rating Roads For Safety: The iRAP Methodology
(PDF, 2.47MB)


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(PDF, 2.08MB)


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