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A crucial ingredient for success over the Decade of Action will be effective and efficient road policing in LMICs. Traditional technical assistance to police focused on equipment provision or campaigns and fell short in delivering sustained outcomes, frequently because of lack of oversight from senior commanders. Simultaneously, issues of corruption and poor public perception of traffic police forces have hindered success.


The Global Road Safety Facility is funding an initiative to develop a police engagement model designed to improve the governance of road safety enforcement in low and middle-income countries and related road safety results by targeting the Police Chief/Commissioner/Executive leadership levels in country police agencies through a global police network, the International Road Policing Organization (RoadPOL).

The objective is to engage and strengthen police leadership in these countries to become road safety sponsors within their agencies and jurisdictions.

Through ‘twinning’ arrangements and peer-to-peer agency reviews and leadership mentoring and development, the police engagement plan will seek an accelerated transfer of road safety knowledge and experience, strong internal and external sponsorship and promotion of road safety enforcement by the police leadership concerned, and opportunities to address other critical police performance issues concerning governance, integrity, and community engagement.

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