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Capacity Building

In developing countries, setting up good road safety practice is a challenge due to a variety of issues including weak agency capacity, insufficient funding, and absence of political will. Institutional management functions must take the highest priority as they are the foundation on which road safety management systems are built: they produce the interventions that achieve the desired results. A functioning and competent lead road safety agency can play a critical role in establishing good road safety practices in these countries.


To assist in the assessment of a country’s ability to effectively manage road safety, the Global Road Safety Facility has developed an appraisal tool, the Road Safety Management Capacity Review.  The review guides the process of shifting from weak to strong institutional management capacity by working with client governments to identify systematic gaps and prioritize investment areas in order to build up activities which advance the development of the lead agency.

The resulting recommendations are incorporated into existing World Bank projects or operations supported by other sources of financing.  This ensures that the necessary funding is available for the government to apply the review’s suggested reforms and that funds expended by the Facility leverage additional investment in road safety activity.


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Road Safety Management Capacity Review Guidelines


Road Safety Management Capacity Review Guidelines

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