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The World Bank’s client countries bear the greatest impact of the global road safety crisis. East Asia and the Pacific and South Asia will be particularly hard hit over the next 10 years, accounting for nearly 62 percent of projected fatalities. Rapidly motorizing and urbanizing Sub-Saharan Africa will also see a substantial increase in fatalities. The countries in these regions are facing the dual challenge of increased motorization and rapid infrastructure development and, in a ‘do nothing’ scenario, deaths and injuries are set to spiral unacceptably upwards.



 Road Injuries and Non-communicable Diseases: A Hidden Health Burden in Sub-Saharan Africa
“Death on Wheels” in sub-Saharan Africa: How to prevent it?
 Africa: Scaling-up Efforts to Address the Road Safety Challenge

East Asia & Pacific:

 China Hosts Regional Road Safety Dialogue
 Safety Inspections of Roads in Yunnan and Shaanxi Provinces Underway
 Reducing Traffic Accidents in China: Strengthening the Use of Road Safety Audits
 International Workshop Held in Beijing to Share Experiences on School Transport Safety
 On the Road to Safe School Transport in China
 GRSF extends grant to the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) to assess the safety on Philippines National Roads

Europe & Central Asia:

 New World Bank Roads Project in Ukraine Will Help Save Lives Confronting “Death on Wheels” Making Roads Safe in Europe and Central Asia

Latin America & Carribean:

 Latin America: Time to Put a Stop to Road Deaths
 Contributing to Safer Mobility through Better Institutions
 Road Safety: Mexico in Focus
 Ibero-American countries come together to reduce road deaths

Middle East and North Africa:

 Road Traffic Injuries: A Pulic Health Crisis in the Middle East and North Africa

South Asia:

 India and Global Road Safety Facility Launch Initiative to Reduce Road Fatalities




SSATP Annual Report 2011: A turning point for SSATP
(PDF, 5.65MB)


On the Road to Safe School Transport in China
(PDF, 130KB)

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