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Oct 10, 2012ISO 39001 - A new safety framework for public and private sector organizations

Sep 27, 2012Road Safety Audits Can Improve Road Safety

Sep 20, 2012New World Bank Roads Project in Ukraine Will Help Save Lives

Sep 03, 2012“Death on Wheels” in sub-Saharan Africa: How to prevent it?

Jun 25, 2012Bridging the Road Safety Knowledge Gap
Date: Jun 25 - Jun 28

May 22, 2012International Workshop Held in Beijing to Share Experiences on School Transport Safety

May 12, 2012Ibero-American countries come together to reduce road deaths

May 11, 2012Australia annouces US6.2 million contribution to GRSF

Apr 24, 2012Africa: Scaling-up Efforts to Address the Road Safety Challenge

Apr 19, 2012Road Safety: Mexico in Focus

Apr 18, 2012Spring Meetings Side Event - The Crisis of Road Traffic Injury: How We Can Jointly Support the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

Apr 17, 2012Saving Lives, Improving Safety on the World's Roads

Apr 16, 2012Advocating for the Youngest Victims of Road Traffic Injuries

Apr 15, 2012Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety Takes Flight

Apr 13, 2012Road Safety: An Issue That Concerns Us All

Mar 29, 2012On the Road to Safe School Transport in China

Jan 10, 2012World Bank Group Steps up Support for Road Safety

Apr 19, 2011Launch of the MDB Road Safety Initiative

Nov 23, 2010India and Global Road Safety Facility Launch Initiative to Reduce Road Fatalities

Oct 29, 2010GRSF extends grant to the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) to assess the safety on Philippines National Roads

Jun 03, 2010GRSF and FIA Foundation Partnership Highlighted

Apr 12, 2010IRTAD: Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility

Apr 06, 2010WB: US$30 Million to Improve Road Safety in Argentina and Reduce Accident Rate

Mar 17, 2010Multilateral Development Banks Reconvene in London to Discuss Road Safety

Mar 16, 2010DFID Takes over Chairmanship of the Global Road Safety Facility

Nov 24, 2009Confronting “Death on Wheels” Making Roads Safe in Europe and Central Asia

Nov 13, 2009ISO 39001 offers exciting potential to support the achievement of improved global road safety outcomes

Oct 14, 2009Michelle Yeoh shares her vision for safer roads during World Bank's Innovation Days

May 10, 2009Make Roads Safe ‘Decade of Action’ Report Launched to Save 5 Million Lives

Apr 02, 2009World Bank Donor Meeting Pledges Support for Global Road Safety Facility

Mar 02, 2009Lord Robertson and World Bank President Zoellick Meet to Discuss Road Safety

Feb 23, 2009Speech by World Bank Vice-President Pamela Cox at the Ibero American Road Safety Forum
Date: Feb 23 - Feb 24

Jan 27, 2009Facility Partners with SEGIB to Increase Road Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean

Dec 05, 2008Facility Approves Road Safety Management Capacity Reviews in Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Nepal; launches iRAP in Vietnam

Nov 11, 2008Facility Hosts Safe Kids Worldwide; Holds Experts Meeting on Costs of Road Traffic Injury Prevention

Oct 15, 2008A Busy Fiscal Year 2008 for the Facility

Sep 27, 2008Facility and IRTAD Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Sep 17, 2008Commission for Global Road Safety targets UN Ministerial

Aug 07, 2008The World Bank Global Road Safety Facility Supports Strengthening Road Safety in Bulgaria

Jul 03, 2008World Bank Global Road Safety Facility partners in "Making Road Safe" International Conference
Date: Jul 03 - Jul 04

May 09, 2008UK Secretary of State for International Development Discusses Road Safety Priority

Apr 04, 2008Full Coverage of UN Global Road Safety Debate

Mar 31, 2008UN Scheduled to Debate Road Safety on March 31, 2008

Feb 11, 2008World Bank Global Road Safety Facility Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the International Roads Federation

Feb 05, 20082007 African Road Safety Conference in Accra, Ghana
Date: Feb 05 - Feb 07

Nov 28, 2007Global Road Safety Facility Sponsored Training Program in Addis Ababa a Success
Date: Nov 28 - Nov 30

Nov 20, 2007Signing Ceremony of JSDF Grant for Community Youth Helmet Use Project

Oct 17, 2007UN Secretary General Calls For UN Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, Highlights "Important" Role of World Bank Global Road Safety Facility in Mobilizing Financial Resources

Oct 05, 2007Australia Joins the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility

Oct 02, 2007China and Vietnam: New Initiatives in Road Safety

Sep 19, 2007First Facility Consultative Meeting to be held September 19th at PIARC's 23rd World Road Congress in Paris

Sep 11, 2007Results of World Bank Quality Assurance Group Review (QAG) of Facility Start-up Phase

Aug 13, 2007USA Today Article on Deadly Foreign Roads

Jul 31, 2007Facility Global Traffic Safety Police Network Initiative Launched

Jul 30, 2007New iRAP Website Launched

Apr 30, 2007Facility Authorizes Funding for Serbia Road Safety Management Capacity Review

Apr 25, 2007Congratulations to UN Road Safety Week Participants & Organizers

Mar 30, 2007Lord Robertson and Tony Blair Discuss Make Roads Safe Report

Mar 26, 2007Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Discusses Make Roads Safe Report

Feb 20, 2007Lord Robertson and Hilary Benn discuss Make Roads Safe Report

Feb 08, 20074th UN Africa Road Safety Congress Held

Jan 26, 2007Make Roads Safe Goes to Washington

Dec 18, 2006UNEP Backs “10% Rule” Road Safety Call

Nov 17, 2006Facility Signing Ceremony for the B&H Road Safety Management Capacity Review

Oct 23, 2006Second Nobel Prize Winner endorses Make Roads Safe

Oct 19, 2006Global Road Safety Facility and iRAP Sign MOU
Date: Oct 19 - Sep 19

Oct 03, 2006Facility to Sponsor Global Knowledge Management Framework Project with the Harvard Initiative for Global Health

Oct 02, 2006Facility Authorizes Funds for Bosnia and Herzegovina Road Safety Management Capacity Review

Sep 29, 2006African Road Safety Experts Endorse Make Roads Safe

Sep 28, 2006Make Roads Safe Message launched in Asia at Shanghai Seminar
Date: Sep 28 - Sep 13

Sep 12, 2006Facility-Sponsored Forum Tackles Road Safety in Latin America and Caribbean
Date: Sep 12 - Sep 14

Sep 09, 2006President and Nobel Prize Winner Supports Facility

Aug 31, 2006Facility to Fund the Hubei Provincial Road Traffic Training Center
Facility to Sponsor Speed Manual

Jun 08, 2006Make Roads Safe Report Launched
Facility Team Attends Challenge Bibendum
Date: Jun 08 - Jun 12

Nov 30, 2005World Bank's Global Road Safety Facility Launched

May 24, 200457th World Health Assembly Adopts Resolution on Road Safety and Health

Apr 14, 2004United Nations General Assembly Passes Resolution on Improving Global Road Safety

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