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This page is for those who are looking for easy-to-read research or easy-to-access tools on gender in transport. It has been compiled by the Gender and Development Board and the Transport and Social Responsibility Thematic Group. Papers which give an overview of what the Bank has been doing in the past 20 years, new and upcoming gender and transport initiatives  within the Bank as well as recommended readings are linked below.

 Research and planning tools for participatory planning and gender sensitive tools for data collection and analysis are presented along with numerous examples of survey methodologies from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Two “Do it yourself” packages provide practical step-by-step guides for task managers wishing to design a gender sensitive bicycle and intermediate means of technology components for their transport projects.

 Recommended Reading
An Overview of Women's Transport Issues in Developing Countries (PDF, 298KB) is a paper written by John Riverson, Mika Kunieda, Peter Roberts (Lead Infrastructure Advisor), Wendy Walker and Negede Lewi (Senior Transport Specialist) and presented (PDF, 1.09MB) at the 85th TRB Annual Meetings.


Integrating Gender into World Bank Financed Transport Programs (PDF, 276KB) is the final report written in 2004, of component 1 of a Japan Consultant Trust Fund study conducted by IC Net Limited, TRL Limited and IFRTD.

Gender and Transport Resource Guide (website) is a comprehensive source of information on transport and gender issues accessible on the Internet. This Resource Guide can also be utilized as a training tool.

Gender and Transport Strategy for Africa (PDF, 109KB) is the 1st and the last (to date) gender and transport strategy within the Bank.Written in 1999.

Gender in Road Infrastructure(PDF, 132KB)  2005 Powerpoint presentation by Shireen Lateef of Asian Development Bank on the positive and negative aspects of road infrastructure on women, using examples from Cambodia, India and Bangladesh.

Engendering Mobility: Towards Improved Gender Analysis in the Transport Sector (PDF, 268KB)  A paper on gender analysis in urban transport by South African academics, advocating use of Caroline Moser's framework for gender analysis in the transport sector. Chapter 6 of Sex, Gender, Becoming: Post Apartheid Reflections ed. Karen von Marie, published by Pretoria University Press 2006.


Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP)  The September 2006 newsletter  has articles on the Joint Initiative by Development Agencies for the Infrastructure Sectors to Mitigate the Spread of HIV/AIDS

The International Federation for Transport Workers (ITF) and links to recent news and events. The most January 2007 newsletter focuses on female transport workers.

International Forum for Rural Transport and Development The Forum is a global network of individuals and organizations working towards improved access and mobility for the rural poor in developing countries. The Forum is currently conducting a Mobility and Health network research program, providing some secretarial functions for gender and transport network GATNET.

TransWeb by the Mobility Desk - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) A knowledge portal on access and mobility issues. Publishes a bi-annual newsletter available from its website. The most recent issue came out in December 2006.

last updated: March 2, 2007

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