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Peru-Lima Social Assessment of Gender Issues in Busways and Bikepaths

Why do girls carry safety pins on buses in Lima?
The study assesses the gender issues in two components of World Bank Urban Transport projects in Lima.  The first is a planned busway (corredor vitrina) which will provide more rapid and comfortable bus transport.  The second is the construction of a network of bike paths complement by publicity campaigns to promote the use of bicycles and a credit scheme to facilitate the purchase of bicycles.  The study combined focus groups with men and women stratified by age and socio-economic status with direct observation of the operation of bike paths paths.  The interviews revealed that sexual harassment is a major concern for women travelling on most forms of public transport and a major constraint on women's mobility.  Many women arm themselves with safety pins and nails to defend themselves from the unwilling attentions of bus conducters and other passengers.

Status: Study completed. Documents available. (Proposal, summary report, main report, Powerpoint presentation and research methodology)
Contact:  Paul Guitink (Latin America Transport Cluster)

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