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Social Analysis and Indicators

Social Analysis
The thematic Group seeks to foster partnerships and to build a foundation for social analysis in transport by engaging in broad social issues related to transport and incorporating social development concerns and participatory processes into transport projects and sector work. In the past, social costs and benefits of transport - wich can vary according to characteristics of users, such as gender, age, occupation and location - have not been analyzed systematically.

The Thematic Group worked in consultation with the Social Development department (SDV) of the World Bank Sustainable Development Network (SDN) to help finalize the Guidelines for Social Analysis in the Transport Sector (PDF, 938KB). Written to complement the previously published Social Analysis Sourcebook (PDF, 4.2MB), the guidelines are intended to provide targeted advice on social development issues to task teams working in the Transport sector.
The Thematic group participates in the wider consultation process on the work being done in the transport sector to develop indicators that capture key aspects of performance and impact that are relevant for pro-poor growth, including environmental and social measures for transport to reflect transport's wider impacts on all main segments (women/men, young/aged, those with disability, etc.) of the population.

The work on performance and impact indicators for transport can be accessed under the Transport Results Initiative website.













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