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2004 Events

 Seminars held in 2004

  • Disability and Development Roundtable - Urban Infrastructure and Transport: Gaining Inclusive Access. November 30, 2004. Agenda.

  • Improving Environmental and Social Indicators: Follow-up to the Transport Result Measurement Workshop. July 7, 2004. ( Minutes of the BBL).
    The objective of the event was to review the format of these indicators, share experience and determine how the indicators should be strengthened for future application.

  • Social Dimensions of Transport: Consultation on Transport Guidelines for Social Analysis. June 2, 2004. (Minutes of the BBL).
    The BBL attendees discussed the Social Analysis framework and the proposed guidelines on transport.

  • Transport and HIV/AIDS. May 5, 2004. (Minutes of the BBL).
    The objective of the meeting was to discuss issues and activities related to Transport and HIV/AIDS and suggest areas where further work and exploration may be needed.

  • The Transport and Social Responsibility Thematic Group Work Program. April 7, 2004. (Minutes of the BBL).
    The thematic group leader presented an overview of the objective and background of the thematic group, outlining issues to be covered in FY04 on inclusion and employment within the context of responsibility.

  • Decent Employment in Transport: What can World Bank Programs Contribute? March 23, 2004. (Presentation).

  • Transport and Inclusion. Overview of a new Thematic Group. March 3, 2004. (Presentation).

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