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Transport Interventions and Stakeholders

Government – National Response
  • Ethiopia Road Authority response to combat HIV/AIDS ‑ Working with Road contractors on HIV/AIDS Prevention (WORD, 123KB)
  • Zimbabwe: All roads lead to Harare – the response of the transport industry to
    HIV/AIDS (
    PDF, 29KB)
  • Zimbabwe: HIV/AIDS policy for the transport sector (PDF, 367KB)
  • South Africa: On the move ‑ The response of public transport commuters to
    HIV/AIDS (
    PDF, 486KB)
  • South Africa: The transport sector HIV/AIDS strategic AIDS plan (PDF, 49KB), program components (PDF, 43KB), references (PDF, 33KB), and Strategy Baseline (PDF, 42KB);
    Annexure A: A list generated by stakeholders on best practices (
    PDF, 37KB)
    Annexure B: General Guidelines for Strategy Programming (
    PDF, 85KB)
Industry/ private sector

Trucking industry

  • Barloworld South Africa: HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy (PDF, 112KB)
  • West Africa: A Review of risks and programmes among truckers (PDF, 953KB)
  • Across regions: Putting on the brakes – Preventing HIV Transmission along Truck Routes (PDF, 2.1MB)
  • Highway community health project – India; background information (WORD, 25KB) and presentation (PDF, 452KB)

Road Contractors

  • Road construction challenges ‑ Technical note: Working with Road contractors on HIV/AIDS Prevention (WORD, 123KB)

Seafarers and maritime industry

  • Asia and the Pacific: Report of the Second Regional Forum on Maritime Manpower Planning, Training, Utilization and Networking of Centres of Excellence (PDF, 8.9MB)
  • Vietnam: Rapid Assessment of Seafarer STD, HIV and Drug Abuse
    Vulnerability (
    PDF, 978KB)


  • Building an HIV/AIDS workplace programme that addresses BMW South Africa’s specific context (PDF, 312KB)
  • DaimlerChrysler HIV/AIDS South Africa Case Study (PDF, 239KB)
  • Volkswagen Brazil HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme Overview (PDF, 94KB)
  • GM HIV/AIDS Thailand Case Study (PDF, 160KB)
  • Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) - HIV/AIDS Regional Policy & workplace and community programme Appendix A (PDF, 34KB) and
    Appendix B
    (PDF, 30KB)


Trade unions/ transport associations/ workplace programs

  • International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and Freidrich Ebert Stiftung (FES): Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS for the Transport Sector (PDF, 80KB)
  • HIV/AIDS: Transport Workers Take Action ‑ An ITF Resource Book for trade unionists in the transport sector (PDF, 2.5MB)
  • ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS -- a framework for action related to the
    workplace (
    PDF, 127KB)
  • Note on ILO/SIDA funded HIV/AIDS prevention in the transport sector ‑ Target countries: Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe (WORD, 34KB)
  • Note on ILO International AIDS workplace programs (WORD, 67KB)
International Organizations

World Bank


  • Ethiopia ‑ Second Road Sector Development Project (PDF, 10.7MB)
  • India – Lucknow-Muzaffarpur National Highway Project (PDF, 4.6MB)
  • Kenya – Northern Corridor Transport Improvement Project (PDF, 7.8MB)
  • Mali – Transport Corridors Improvement Project (PDF, 7.1MB)
  • Mozambique – Second Roads and Coastal Shipping Project
    PDF, 148KB)

Policy Notes/ Strategy

  • Strategy in the Western Balkans: priorities for early prevention in a high-risk environment (PDF, 3.1MB)
  • Averting AIDS crises in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
    PDF, 9.2MB)
  • Taming HIV/AIDS on Africa’s Roads – Findings; March 2004 (236)
    PDF, 224KB)
  • World Bank Lessons learned to date From HIV/AIDS Transport Corridor Projects ‑ World Bank Global HIV/AIDS Program Discussion Paper
    PDF, 845KB)

United Nations

  • UNDP South-East Asia HIV and Development Program: Building Regional HIV Resilience along the ASEAN Highway Network (WORD, 711KB)
  • UNDP South-East Asia HIV and Development Program: Reduction of HIV Vulnerability within the Land Transport Sector: Towards a Public Policy Framework for Addressing HIV/AIDS in the Transport Sector (PDF, 426KB)
  • UNAIDS-UNESCAP: The assessment and mitigation of the Impact of Transport Infrastructure and Services on the Spread of HIV/AIDS (PDF, 732KB)
  • UNDP-SEAHIV Building an Alliance with Transport Sector in HIV Vulnerability
    Reduction (
    PDF, 377KB)
    Land Transport & HIV Vulnerability: A development challenge (
    PDF, 317KB)


  • Asian Development Bank ‑ Project for China "Preventing HIV/AIDS on road projects in Yunnan province" (PDF, 77KB)
  • Asian Development Bank – Project for India “National Highway Corridor (Sector) project (PDF, 620KB)
  • Asian Development Bank – Project for the Kyrgyz Republic “Southern Transport Corridor Road Rehabilitation” (PDF, 566KB)
  • GTZ “Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Transport Sector” (PDF, 226KB)

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