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Literature Reviews
  • UNAIDS-UNESCAP: The assessment and mitigation of the Impact of Transport Infrastructure and Services on the Spread of HIV/AIDS (PDF, 732KB)
  • Transport and AIDS – Literature Review by the International Organization for Migration (PDF, 154KB)
Web links

World Bank

United Nations

  • UN ESCAP Transport and HIV/AIDS project
    As part of its Transport, Communications, Tourism, and Infrastructure Development (TCTID) Division, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) sponsors an HIV/AIDS and the Transport Sector project.  The website includes an overview of the issues; objectives; activities and related resources/publications.

Trade unions/ transport associations/ workplace programs

  • ILO Programme on HIV-AIDS and the World of Work:
    Link to information about ILO’s work on HIV in the transport sector as well as to the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS -- a framework for action related to the workplace, which contains key principles for policy development as well as practical guidelines for programs at company, community and national levels.
  • HIV/AIDS and transport workers
    Link to programs run by the ITF that address HIV/AIDS as a workplace issue; strategies to fight against discrimination in the workplace; and support to members living with HIV/AIDS. ITF has also published a resources book for workers and unionists on issues related to AIDS in transport.
  • “HIV/AIDS and Transport
    -This regional project organized by the International Forum for Rural Transport and Development focuses on identifying how communities and their institutions are responding to the threat of HIV/AIDS along transit corridors and other areas of intensive transport operations.


  • HIV/AIDS: Be Safe Not Sorry – Mobilizing a response to HIV/AIDS in the Maritime Industry - Course information for students - (PDF, 2.2MB)
  • South East Asia: Toolkit for HIV Prevention among mobile populations in the Greater Mekong Subregion (PDF, 326KB)
    • Part two: Country Resources - World Vision Australia & The Macfarlene
      Institute (
      PDF, 931KB)
  • Mapping Made Easy: A guide to understanding and responding to HIV vulnerability UNDP-SEAHIV, UNESCO, WB, WFP, FHI, USAID, IOM, WVI (PDF, 4MB)
  • HIV/AIDS Rapid Assessment Guide – why we map, where we get maps, what we map, and how we map (PDF, 259KB)
  • Transport Sector: AIDS Brief for sectoral planners and managers (PDF, 389KB)
  • HIV/AIDS and the Transport Sector – A Toolkit. This chapter is extracted from the EU commissioned toolkit “Considering HIV/AIDS in development: A Toolkit” (PDF, 199KB).

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