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World AIDS Day 2007

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Trade Union HIV/AIDS photographFor the third consecutive year, the Transport sector has participated in the Bank-wide activities to mark World AIDS Day.  Across the Bank, all regions have now adopted projects or are undertaking studies that begin to address the impact of the disease transport operations.  Consequently, the sector, along with the education sector, is considered to be one of the two regions that have successfully mainstreamed HIV/AIDS in their operations.  However, continuing the mainstreaming effort still remains an important aspect of the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

As the majority of HIV/AIDS interventions in transport have thus far focused on roads, the session sought to examine what evidence was there for other transport sub-sectors, such as the maritime industry. In this context, the session discussed the experience from the WB’s Djibouti Malaria and TB Control Project regarding the communities surrounding the Djibouti Port.  The guest speakers Dr. Rob Verbist from the Seafarer’s Health Information Programme (SHIP) and Mr. Peter Payoyo from the Philippines Seafarers Assistance Programme (PSAP) each discussed awareness campaigns and prevention programs that exist for seafarers.

For more information, see a set of onformation boards (PPT, 12MB)


Dr Sameh El-Saharty, Sr Health Specialist (MNSHD, WB)
Transport against HIV/AIDS: The Addis-Djibouti Corridor (PPT, 1.2MB)

Dr Rob Verbist, Project Coordinator (Seafares' Health Information System)
Seafarers' Health Information System and HIV/AIDS (PPT, 2.1MB)

Dr Peter Payoyo, Program Manager (Philippine Seafarers Assistance Program)
HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign for Seafarers (PPT, 7.8MB)    

For more information on this event, see event report (WORD, 49KB)

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