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Transport Forum 2005: Urban Transport Day

If you would like to receive a copy of a presentation in MS-Powerpoint format, we will be pleased to mail you, size permitting, an electronic  version of the file upon request to the Transport Help Desk.

Session 1
Chair: Sanjivi Rajasingham, Sector Manager, World Bank

Session 2
Chair: Hedi Larbi, Sector Manager, World Bank

  • Can Private Rail Concessions be Part of the Solution?
    EAP recently commissioned a consultant to review the experience of the urban rail concessions in Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. This report will provide the basis for a discussion of this issue.
    East Asia Experience (PDF, 212KB)

    Jit Bajpai, Sector Director, EASTR, World Bank
    Discussants will include Jorge Rebelo, Lead Transport Specialist and Jose Barbero, Senior Transport Specialist (LCSFT, World Bank), and a representative from IFC.

Session 3: Strengthening the Role of Buses
Chair: Jit Bajpai, Sector Director, World Bank

  • Role of BRT - Can it Make a Real Difference?
    1. Peter Midgley, Transport Specialist, ex-World Bank staff  (PDF, 5.4MB)
    2. Sam Zimmerman, Consultant (PDF, 3.4MB)
      will present the principles of design and operation for BRT systems
    3. Walter Hook, ITDP (PDF, 3.5MB)
      as a discussant who will present the lessons learned from the recent BRT experience in Jakarta.
  • Making the Regulation of Bus Services More Effective
    In most of the cities in which the World Bank is working, or are likely to work, buses will remain the core public transport mode for many years to come. This double session will focus on two important and related topics, the regulation of bus services and the role and design of BRT systems, as a catalyst for improving both the quality and quantity of bus services. In the second part of the afternoon, Ken Gwilliam, Economist, (ex-World Bank staff), will review recent worldwide regulatory experience (PDF, 135KB), and Mustapha Benmaamar, Sr. Transport Specialist, World Bank, will discuss the challenge of regulating bus services in Africa (PDF, 271KB).

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