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A Critical Look at Major Bus Improvements in Latin America and Asia

Sponsor: Sustainable Development Network

Curtiba BRTPresented by:  Mr. Dario Hidalgo, PhD, Transport Consultant, Mr. Paulo Custodio, Transport Consultant,
Mr. Pierre Graftieaux, Senior Transportation Specialist, The World Bank

Date:  April 4, 2007
Time:  12:15 - 2:15 pm

Download:   Presentation (PDF, 3,057 KB).

  Lots of papers are available about the famous successes of Transmilenio (Bogotá) and Curitiba but not much is being said about the shortcomings of similar systems, be they recurrent, permanent, temporary during the first months of operation, or appearing gradually as the system grows. Understandably, few cities /experts are willing to describe these issues at seminars or in papers. This creates an information gap in the detriment of those who could learn from these lessons. TRISP, a partnership between the UK Department for International Development and the World Bank, has agreed to fund case studies and a transversal analysis to fill this gap and make available this valuable information to our clients and beyond. The methodology used for this assignment included field visits and detailed interviews of key stakeholders, especially the implementation teams, the operators and the decision-makers. The purpose of this BBL will be to present the main findings of the case studies (Quito, Bogotá, León, México, Guayaquil, Pereira, Santiago) complemented with data from Beijing, Jakarta, São Paulo and Curitiba, and the lessons learned. 

Dario Hidalgo, main author of the final report and case studies, will be presenting. Dario holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Transportation Planning from the Ohio State University, Columbus in the US. He has over 15 years experience in transport planning and private participation.  He has been also a high level official in the local government of the City of Bogotá and Deputy General Manager of Transmilenio from July 2000 to August 2003, period during which  he participated in the implementation and follow up of the TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit System Phase I and the preparation and tendering of TransMilenio Phase II. He has participated in planning and implementation of major infrastructure and transportation projects, and consulted for several international agencies and governments (Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Thailand and China, among others). 

For Information: Pierre Graftieaux

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