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Lagos Urban Transport Project (Nigeria)

Lagos BRT System




The Bank-funded Lagos Urban Transport Project included the development of a Transport Authority for the city (LAMATA) and the development of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, in operation since March 2008.

With exclusive right-of-way lanes and excellence in customer service, BRT emulates the performance and amenity of a modern rail-based transit system, but at a fraction of the cost as it only uses buses. Average ridership is twice what had been forecasted, carrying about 4 million passengers monthly, while passengers pay less in fares and enjoy a greater degree of fare stability. Riders have also experienced a reduction in waiting time and journey time. The scheme has also created direct employment for over 1,500 people and demonstrated the capacity of local operators to run successful public transport operations.

Preliminary figures suggest that the project has also helped reduce ambient concentrations of pollutants that pose dangers to human health along the corridor.

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