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Public Transport Planning and Reforms

The World Bank and the Public Private Infrastructure Assistance Facility (PPIAF) developed a capacity building training program for urban transport decision-makers and experts in developing countries and cities. The program consists in a two-day introduction to public transport planning and reforms, and presents lessons learned from cities around the world. The training is delivered in countries interested in addressing urban transport issues and in developing urban transport policies. Each workshop includes a comprehensive case study of the client country and is designed to be interactive. The program has already been delivered in the following countries:

  • 2009: China, South Africa, Azerbaijan
  • 2008: Jordan, Ghana, Philippines, Morocco
  • 2007: Colombia, India, Washington, DC

South Africa, 2009 (materials in English)

China, 2009 (materials in Chinese)

Ghana, 2008 (materials in French)

Jordan, 2008 (materials in Arabic)

Colombia, 2007 (materials in Spanish)

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