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Urban Development Topics


Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism

helping poor communities recognize and preserve their cultural assets, providing new economic opportunities through sustainable tourism, and enabling local economic development on their diverse social, cultural and physical background

Disaster Risk Management

providing assistance to prepare for and recover from natural or man-made disasters that can result in great human and economic losses

Housing & Land

assisting national and local governments with the policies and programs that create progressive housing and land markets. Such markets provide decent and affordable housing, access to jobs and transportation, and freedom from fear of eviction for all city dwellers

Local Economic Development

supporting the development of sustainable Local Economic Development through knowledge sharing, learning activities and advisory services; enabling cities and local communities to develop successful economies

Municipal Finance

contributing to the development, promotion and delivery of new tools and products in municipal finance and governance to benefit our clients

Solid Waste Management

formulating strategic approaches for integrated municipal solid waste management projects to increase coverage, especially for the urban poor, and provide safe disposal

Urban Environment and Climate Change

addressing both urban livability and urban development’s larger impact on regional pollution and natural resources

Urban Poverty and Slum Upgrading

assessing urban poverty, determining the policy issues, selecting program options, making poverty alleviation strategies participatory, assessing the impacts; infrastructure upgrading, policy issues, social issues, financing, and monitoring and evaluation.

Urban Resilienceconcept of urban resilience includes the capabilities of a given city to respond pro-actively to the risks related to natural hazards, climate variability, and climate change; measures range from early warning systems, evacuation plans, community preparedness and effective monitoring of hazards and risks, to physical investments in retrofitting of buildings and protective infrastructure, to land use and urban planning measures to mitigate urban risk.


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