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Urban Development Papers (alphabetical)

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Analyzing Building-Height Restrictions: Predicted Impacts, Welfare Costs, and a Case Study of Bangalore, India
(April 2004, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper #3290)
Alain Bertaud and Jan Brueckner

The Building Blocks of a Sound Local Government Finance System 
(May 2001; Infrastructure Note FM-8e)
Samir El Daher

Building Sustainability in an Urbanizing World: A Partnership Report 
(July 2013; Urban Development Series, Knowledge Paper, UDS-17, World Bank)
Daniel Hoornweg, Mila Freire, Julianne Baker-Gallegos and Artessa Saldivar-Sali, eds

Building Local Credit Systems 
(April 2000; ULG BS #3)
George Peterson

Case of the Garment Industry in Dhaka, Bangladesh 
(April 2000; ULG BS #6)
Khandaker Mainuddin

Case of the Garment Industry in Shenzhen City, China 
(April 2000; ULG BS #7)
Xiaochen Meng, Mark Wang and Guicai Li

Case of Public Interventions, Industrialization and Urbanization: Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, India 
(April 2000; ULG BS #8)
Sampath Srinivas

Case of Urbanization and Industrialization in Shubra el-Khema, Egypt 
(April 2000; ULG BS #9)
Lamia Bulbul and Sameh Neguib

Cities and Climate Change: An Urgent Agenda 
(December 2010; Urban Development Series, Knowledge Paper, UDS-10, World Bank)
Urban Development and Local Government Unit; World Bank

Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda Volume 1
(2011; Urban Development Series)
Daniel Hoornweg, Mila Freire, Marcus J. Lee, Perinza Bhada-Tata and Belinda Yuen, editors

Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda Volume 2
Daniel Hoornweg, Mila Freire, Marcus J. Lee, Perinaz Bhada-Tata and Belinda Yuen, editors

Cities in Transition: World Bank Urban and Local Government Strategy 
(September 2000)
Christine Kessides

Cities in Transition: World Bank Urban and Local Government Strategy. Executive Summary
Also available in Spanish and French 
(March 2000)
Christine Kessides

Climate Change, Disaster Risk and the Urban Poor 
(April 2012; Urban Development Series, World Bank)
Judy Baker, editor

Composting and Its Applicability in Developing Countries 
(March 2000; ULG WPS #8)
Daniel Hoornweg, Laura Thomas, and Lambert Otten

Conserving the Past as a Foundation for the Future: China-World Bank Partnership on Cultural Heritage Conservation 
(September 2011; Urban Development Series, Knowledge Paper, UDS-12, World Bank)
Katrinka Ebbe, Guido Licciardi, Axel Baeumler

COSEPRE. Costs of Urban Cleaning Services
(January 2001; ULG WPS #9 and 10)
Pan American Center for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS)

The Dynamics of Global Urban Expansion
(September 2005; Transport and Urban Development Department)
Shlomo Angel, Stephen C. Sheppard and Daniel L. Civco; with Robert Buckley, Anna Chabaeva, Lucy Gitlin, Alison Kraley, Jason Parent, and Micah Perlin

Eco2 Cities Guide: Ecological Cities as Economic Cities 
Sebastian Moffatt, Hiroaki Suzuki, Ryoko Iizuka

Eco2 Cities: Ecological Cities as Economic Cities 
(May 2010)
Hiroaki Suzuki, Arish Dastur, Sebastian Moffatt, Nanae Yabuki, Hinako Maruyama

The Economics of Uniqueness: Investing in Historic City Cores and Cultural Heritage Assets for Sustainable Development 
(September 2012; Urban Development Series, World Bank)
Guido Licciardi and Rana Amirtahmasebi, Editors

Exploring Urban Growth Management: Insights from Three Cities 
(June 2008)
Urban Development Unit; Finance, Economics and Urban Department; World Bank

Financing Cities: Fiscal Responsibility and Urban Infrastructure in Brazil, China, India, Poland and South Africa
(2007; Sage Books)
George E. Peterson and Patricia Clarke Annez

Financing the Urban Expansion Tanzania 
(January 2012; Urban Development Series Knowledge Paper, UDS-14, World Bank)
Zara Sarzin and Uri Raich

Garment-Making and Urbanisation: An Introductory Study of Four Cases
(March 2000; ULG WPS #6)
Nigel Harris with Lamia Bulbul, Khandaker Mainuddin, Xiaochen Meng, Sameh Naguib, Sampath Srinivas

Guide to Climate Change Adaptation in Cities 
(October 2011)
Urban Development and Local Government Unit, World Bank

Guidebook on Capital Investment Planning for Local Governments 
(October 2011; Urban Development Series, UDS-13)
Olga Kaganova

Integrating Housing Wealth into the Social Safety Net: The Elderly in Moscow
(August 2003; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3115)
Robert Buckley, Kim Cartwright, Raymond Struyk, and Edward Szymanoski

Intergovernmental Transfers in Developing and Transition Countries: Principles and Practice 
(April 2000; ULG BS #2)
Roy Bahl

Integrating the Environment in Urban Development: Singapore as a Model of Good Practice
(April 2000; ULG WPS #7)
Josef Leitmann

Investment in Urban Heritage: Economic Impacts of Cultural Heritage Projects in FYR Macedonia and Georgia 
(September 2012; Urban Development Series Knowledge Paper, UDS-16, World Bank)
David Throsby, Macquarie University, Sydney

Land Registration in Norway (pdf)
(April 2000; ULG BS #11)
Oyvind Stene

Legal and Regulatory Considerations for Residential Mortgage Backed Securitization in Developing Economies: The Cases of Malaysia and Mexico 
(June 2000; ULG BS #15)
Shahir Guindi

Lessons and Experiences from Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Urban/Water (AFTU1 & AFTU2) Projects  
(September 2005; Urban Paper Series #1)
Nina Schuler with Alicia Casalis, Sylvie Debomy, Christianna Johnnides, and Kate Kuper

Lessons for the Urban Century: Decentralized Infrastructure Finance in the World Bank
(June 2008; Directions in Development Series)
Patricia Clarke Annez, Gwénaelle Huet, and George E. Peterson

Linkages Between Local Governments and Financial Markets: A Tool Kit to Developing Sub-Sovereign Credit Markets in Emerging Economies
(April 2000; ULG BS #1)
John Petersen with John B. Crihfield

Local Economic Development: Quick Reference
(December 2002; updated January 2006)

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Urban/Local Government Projects: A Guidance Note 
(September 2005; Urban Note No. UN-1)
Nina Schuler, Kate Kuper, and Sylvie Debomy

Mapping the Business Process Before Mapping the Ground: The Strategic Link to Improve Land Administration 
(June 2000; ULG BS #10)
Bijan Azad

Measuring the Risk on Housing Investment in the Informal Sector: Theory and Evidence from Pune, India  
(October 2004; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3433 )

Memo to Mayor: Improving Access to Urban Land for All Residents - Fulfilling the Promise 
(June 2011; Urban Development Series, Knowledge Paper, UDS-11, World Bank)
Barbara Lipman with Robin Rajack
Also available in Spanish.

David le Blanc and Mudit Kapoor

Municipal Budgeting
(April 2000; ULG BS #4)
Michael Schaeffer

Municipal Real Property Asset Management: An Application of Private Sector Practices (pdf)
(June 2000; ULG BS #12)
Olga Kaganova, Ritu Nayyar-Stone, and George Peterson

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration: Decision Maker's Guide
(June 2000)
J. Haukohl, U. Marxen, and T. Rand

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration: Requirements for a Successful Project
(June 2000; WBTP #462; Order)
T. Rand, J. Haukohl, and U. Marxen

Occupational and Environmental Health Issues of Solid Waste Management: Special Emphasis on Middle and Lower-Income Countries
(July 2006; Urban Paper #2)
Sandra Cointreau

Planning, Connecting and Financing—Now: What City Leaders Need to Know 
(January 2013)
Somik Lall

Preparing Surveys for Urban Upgrading Interventions: Prototype Survey Instrument and User Guide
(April 2008; Urban Paper Series. UP-6)
Ana Goicoechea

Private Sector Initiatives in Slum Upgrading 
(May 2009; Urban Paper Series. UP-8)
Judy L. Baker and Kim McLain

Reform Toward Ad Valorem Property Tax in Transition Economies: Fiscal and Land Use Benefits 
(June 2000; ULG BS #13)
Robert Maurer and Anne Paugam

A Review of Urban Development Issues in Poverty Reduction Strategies
(June 2007; Urban Paper Series. UP-3)
Judy L. Baker and Iwona Reichardt

Separating Homeownership Subsidies from Finance: Traditional Mortgage Market Policies, Recent Reform Experiences and Lessons for Subsidy Reform 
(June 2000; ULG BS #14)
Achim Duebel

Shelter Strategies for the Urban Poor: Idiosyncratic and Successful, but Hardly Mysterious
(October 2004; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3427)
Robert Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal

Specialized Financial Intermediaries for Local Governments: A Market-based Tool for Local Infrastructure Finance 
(November 2000; Infrastructure Note FM-8d)
Samir El Daher

Strategic Municipal Asset Management 
(April 2000; ULG BS #5)
Worley International, Ltd.

Street Addressing and the Management of Cities 
(June 2005; Directions in Development Series)
Catherine Farvacque-Vitkovic, Lucien Godin, Hughues Leroux, Florence Verdet, and Roberto Chavez

Thirty Years of Shelter Lending: What Have We Learned?
(May 2006, Directions in Development Series)
Robert Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal

Towards a National Community Infrastructure Upgrading Program for Ghana 
(April 2000, Urban Note #1)
Chris Banes, Rumana Huque and Melanie Zipperer

Transforming Cities With Transit: Transit and Land-Use Integration for Sustainable Urban Development 
(January 2013)
Hiroaki Suzuki, Robert Cervero and Kanako Iuchi

Unlocking Land Values to Finance Urban Infrastructure
Also available in Arabic, French and Spanish
(October 2008; Trends & Policy Options, No. 7)
George E. Peterson

Urban Agriculture: Findings from Four Case Studies 
(July 2013; Urban Development Series Knowledge Paper, UDS-18, World Bank)
Urban Development and Resilience Unit

Urban Environment and Infrastructure: Toward Livable Cities
(May 2004; Directions in Development Series)
Anthony G. Bigio and Bharat Dihaya

Urban Land Markets: Improving Land Management for Successful Urbanization(May 2010)
Somik Lall, Mila Freire, Belinda Yuen, Robin Rajack, and Jean-Jacques Helluin (Eds.)

Urban Poverty: A Global View
(January 2008; Urban Paper Series. UP-5)
Judy L. Baker

Urban Poverty in Ethiopia: A Multi-Faceted and Spatial Perspective
(January 2008; Urban Paper Series. UP-4)
Elisa Muzzini

The Urban Rehabilitation of Medinas 
(May 2010; Urban Development Series. UDS-9)
Anthony G. Bigio and Guido Licciardi

Urban Risk Assessments: Understanding Disaster and Climate Risk in Cities 
(September 2012; Urban Development Series, World Bank)
Eric Dickson, Judy L. Baker, Daniel Hoornweg and Asmita Tiwari

The Urban Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction 
(August 2006; Cities Alliance Working Paper)
Christine Kessides

What a Waste: A Global Review of Solid Waste Management 
(March 2012; Urban Development Series Knowledge Paper, UDS-15, World Bank)
Daniel Hoornweg and Perinaz Bhada-Tata

World Bank Experience in Land Management & The Debate on Tenure Security (pdf)
(July 2002; ULG BS #16; DRAFT)
Deniz Baharoglu

ULG BS = Urban and Local Government Background Series
ULG WPS = Urban and Local Government Working Paper Series
WBTP = World Bank Technical Paper

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