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Urban Development Papers (alphabetical)

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Analyzing Building-Height Restrictions: Predicted Impacts, Welfare Costs, and a Case Study of Bangalore, India
(April 2004, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper #3290)
Alain Bertaud and Jan Brueckner

The Building Blocks of a Sound Local Government Finance System 
(May 2001; Infrastructure Note FM-8e)
Samir El Daher

Building Local Credit Systems 
(April 2000; ULG BS #3)
George Peterson

Case of the Garment Industry in Dhaka, Bangladesh 
(April 2000; ULG BS #6)
Khandaker Mainuddin

Case of the Garment Industry in Shenzhen City, China 
(April 2000; ULG BS #7)
Xiaochen Meng, Mark Wang and Guicai Li

Case of Public Interventions, Industrialization and Urbanization: Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, India 
(April 2000; ULG BS #8)
Sampath Srinivas

Case of Urbanization and Industrialization in Shubra el-Khema, Egypt 
(April 2000; ULG BS #9)
Lamia Bulbul and Sameh Neguib

Cities in Transition: World Bank Urban and Local Government Strategy 
(September 2000)
Christine Kessides

Cities in Transition: World Bank Urban and Local Government Strategy. Executive Summary
Also available in Spanish and French 
(March 2000)
Christine Kessides

Composting and Its Applicability in Developing Countries 
(March 2000; ULG WPS #8)
Daniel Hoornweg, Laura Thomas, and Lambert Otten

COSEPRE. Costs of Urban Cleaning Services
(January 2001; ULG WPS #9 and 10)
Pan American Center for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS)

The Dynamics of Global Urban Expansion
(September 2005; Transport and Urban Development Department)
Shlomo Angel, Stephen C. Sheppard and Daniel L. Civco; with Robert Buckley, Anna Chabaeva, Lucy Gitlin, Alison Kraley, Jason Parent, and Micah Perlin

Eco2 Cities: Ecological Cities as Economic Cities 
(May 2010)
Hiroaki Suzuki, Arish Dastur, Sebastian Moffatt, Nanae Yabuki, Hinako Maruyama

Exploring Urban Growth Management: Insights from Three Cities 
(June 2008)
Urban Development Unit; Finance, Economics and Urban Department; World Bank

Financing Cities: Fiscal Responsibility and Urban Infrastructure in Brazil, China, India, Poland and South Africa
(2007; Sage Books)
George E. Peterson and Patricia Clarke Annez

Garment-Making and Urbanisation: An Introductory Study of Four Cases
(March 2000; ULG WPS #6)
Nigel Harris with Lamia Bulbul, Khandaker Mainuddin, Xiaochen Meng, Sameh Naguib, Sampath Srinivas

Integrating Housing Wealth into the Social Safety Net: The Elderly in Moscow
(August 2003; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3115)
Robert Buckley, Kim Cartwright, Raymond Struyk, and Edward Szymanoski

Intergovernmental Transfers in Developing and Transition Countries: Principles and Practice 
(April 2000; ULG BS #2)
Roy Bahl

Integrating the Environment in Urban Development: Singapore as a Model of Good Practice
(April 2000; ULG WPS #7)
Josef Leitmann

Land Registration in Norway (pdf)
(April 2000; ULG BS #11)
Oyvind Stene

Legal and Regulatory Considerations for Residential Mortgage Backed Securitization in Developing Economies: The Cases of Malaysia and Mexico 
(June 2000; ULG BS #15)
Shahir Guindi

Lessons and Experiences from Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Urban/Water (AFTU1 & AFTU2) Projects  
(September 2005; Urban Paper Series #1)
Nina Schuler with Alicia Casalis, Sylvie Debomy, Christianna Johnnides, and Kate Kuper

Lessons for the Urban Century: Decentralized Infrastructure Finance in the World Bank
(June 2008; Directions in Development Series)
Patricia Clarke Annez, Gwénaelle Huet, and George E. Peterson

Linkages Between Local Governments and Financial Markets: A Tool Kit to Developing Sub-Sovereign Credit Markets in Emerging Economies
(April 2000; ULG BS #1)
John Petersen with John B. Crihfield

Local Economic Development: Quick Reference
(December 2002; updated January 2006)

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Urban/Local Government Projects: A Guidance Note 
(September 2005; Urban Note No. UN-1)
Nina Schuler, Kate Kuper, and Sylvie Debomy

Mapping the Business Process Before Mapping the Ground: The Strategic Link to Improve Land Administration 
(June 2000; ULG BS #10)
Bijan Azad

Measuring the Risk on Housing Investment in the Informal Sector: Theory and Evidence from Pune, India  
(October 2004; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3433 )
David le Blanc and Mudit Kapoor

Municipal Budgeting
(April 2000; ULG BS #4)
Michael Schaeffer

Municipal Real Property Asset Management: An Application of Private Sector Practices (pdf)
(June 2000; ULG BS #12)
Olga Kaganova, Ritu Nayyar-Stone, and George Peterson

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration: Decision Maker's Guide
(June 2000)
J. Haukohl, U. Marxen, and T. Rand

Municipal Solid Waste Incineration: Requirements for a Successful Project
(June 2000; WBTP #462; Order)
T. Rand, J. Haukohl, and U. Marxen

Occupational and Environmental Health Issues of Solid Waste Management: Special Emphasis on Middle and Lower-Income Countries
(July 2006; Urban Paper #2)
Sandra Cointreau

Preparing Surveys for Urban Upgrading Interventions: Prototype Survey Instrument and User Guide
(April 2008; Urban Paper Series. UP-6)
Ana Goicoechea

Private Sector Initiatives in Slum Upgrading 
(May 2009; Urban Paper Series. UP-8)
Judy L. Baker and Kim McLain

Reform Toward Ad Valorem Property Tax in Transition Economies: Fiscal and Land Use Benefits 
(June 2000; ULG BS #13)
Robert Maurer and Anne Paugam

A Review of Urban Development Issues in Poverty Reduction Strategies
(June 2007; Urban Paper Series. UP-3)
Judy L. Baker and Iwona Reichardt

Separating Homeownership Subsidies from Finance: Traditional Mortgage Market Policies, Recent Reform Experiences and Lessons for Subsidy Reform 
(June 2000; ULG BS #14)
Achim Duebel

Shelter Strategies for the Urban Poor: Idiosyncratic and Successful, but Hardly Mysterious
(October 2004; World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3427)
Robert Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal

Specialized Financial Intermediaries for Local Governments: A Market-based Tool for Local Infrastructure Finance 
(November 2000; Infrastructure Note FM-8d)
Samir El Daher

Strategic Municipal Asset Management 
(April 2000; ULG BS #5)
Worley International, Ltd.

Street Addressing and the Management of Cities 
(June 2005; Directions in Development Series)
Catherine Farvacque-Vitkovic, Lucien Godin, Hughues Leroux, Florence Verdet, and Roberto Chavez

Thirty Years of Shelter Lending: What Have We Learned?
(May 2006, Directions in Development Series)
Robert Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal

Towards a National Community Infrastructure Upgrading Program for Ghana 
(April 2000, Urban Note #1)
Chris Banes, Rumana Huque and Melanie Zipperer

Unlocking Land Values to Finance Urban Infrastructure
Also available in Arabic, French and Spanish
(October 2008; Trends & Policy Options, No. 7)
George E. Peterson

Urban Environment and Infrastructure: Toward Livable Cities
(May 2004; Directions in Development Series)
Anthony G. Bigio and Bharat Dihaya

Urban Land Markets: Improving Land Management for Successful Urbanization(May 2010)
Somik Lall, Mila Freire, Belinda Yuen, Robin Rajack, and Jean-Jacques Helluin (Eds.)

Urban Poverty: A Global View
(January 2008; Urban Paper Series. UP-5)
Judy L. Baker

Urban Poverty in Ethiopia: A Multi-Faceted and Spatial Perspective
(January 2008; Urban Paper Series. UP-4)
Elisa Muzzini

The Urban Rehabilitation of Medinas 
(May 2010; Urban Development Series. UDS-9)
Anthony G. Bigio and Guido Licciardi

The Urban Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction 
(August 2006; Cities Alliance Working Paper)
Christine Kessides

World Bank Experience in Land Management & The Debate on Tenure Security (pdf)
(July 2002; ULG BS #16; DRAFT)
Deniz Baharoglu

ULG BS = Urban and Local Government Background Series
ULG WPS = Urban and Local Government Working Paper Series
WBTP = World Bank Technical Paper

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