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Urban Week 2011 

The World Bank Group’s annual Urban Week 2011 was held from January 31-February 3 at its Headquarters in Washington, DC. The overall theme for this year's event was “Sustainable Cities of the Future”.

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Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium 2012. Rethinking Cities 


The Sixth Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium will be held in Barcelona, Spain from October 8-10, 2012. The event aims to convene researchers, practitioners and policymakers to discuss the synergies and tradeoffs between urbanization and economic growth, social inclusion, spatial planning, governance, and environmental sustainability. The key question throughout the event will be how policymakers can make difficult decisions today that will prevent "lock-ins" at later stages of development. [more]

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World Bank Institute: Urban

The City Management and Urban Development program provides city officials with a platform with which to learn and explore in great detail key aspects of urban management. The program consists of core courses targeting city managers, local level policymakers, urban planners and directors of training institutes. The objectives are to advance their knowledge and understanding of the broad range of urban issues and to present the tools they need to plan, manage and govern their cities.


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