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Urban Events

Urban Week 2011 
January 31-February 2011
The World Bank Group’s annual Urban Week 2011 was held from January 31-February 3 at its Headquarters in Washington, DC. The overall theme for this year's event was “Sustainable Cities of the Future”.
Urban Events during Sustainable Development Network Forum 2010 
January 2010
Urban-related events were held during this year's Sustainable Development Network Forum 2010, including networking sessions and the Urban Sector Day. Urban-related training events were held the subsequent week.
Urban Week 2009
March 9-12, 2009
The overall theme for the event was “Innovations in Urban Space.” The program was organized in a series of interactive plenary and parallel sessions that allowed for cross-regional exchanges as well as discussion of emerging approaches. During the Urban Forum, March 9th and 10th, special emphasis was given to the Bank's Urban Strategy which is currently being updated. There was also a series of a series of Learning Events (March 11-12) covering topics as diverse as Housing Subsidies, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Slums, Climate Change, Local Economic Develoment, Solid Waste, Disaster Risk Management and Harmonious Urbanisation.
Urban Forum 2005
March 7-11, 2005
This year's Urban Forum, March 9-10, focused on the complementarities of urban interventions carried out from various sectors. The linkages between these interventions were explored through selected city panels in which the mayor of the city gave a leadership perspective on how developmental inputs can be effectively integrated. Other highlights included panel discussions on megacities versus secondary cities, and city development strategies as a tool for orchestrating coherent interventions.

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