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Agenda - Eco2 Regional Launch

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Regional Launch

During Day 2 of Senior Policy Seminar on Climate change, Housing and Livable Cities in Africa and Asia

(June 25th-27th)


Date: Friday, June 26, 2009

Time: 8:30 - 11:30AM

Venue: Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore

Session IV World Bank Panel on Eco² Cities



Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, Sector Manager, China & Mongolia Sustainable Development Unit, East Asia & Pacific Region, the World Bank


8:30 Opening Remarks by Chair of Panel,

EdeJorge Ijjasz-Vasquez


8:40 Overall Framework of Eco² Cities Program:

Hiroaki Suzuki, Sector Leader, East Asia & Pacific Urban Team Leader of Eco² Cities Program, the World Bank


9:00 Case of Yokohama (3R of Solid Waste Management involving citizens, Environment and Economic Sustainability): Yumiko Noda, Deputy Mayor, City of Yokohama, Japan and Toru Hashimoto, City of Yokohama, Japan


9:20 Spatial Development and Urban Design for Eco² Cities: Arish Dastur, Urban Specialist, Co Team Leader of Eco² Cities Program, the World Bank


9:40 Hearing from Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines: The Need for Sustainable Urban Planning (Land, Transport, Housing and Infrastructure)


10:30 Tea/Coffee Break


10:40 Material Flow Analysis and other methods/ tools featured by Eco² Cities and their application to case: Sebastian Moffatt, Urban Systems Design and Ecological Planning Expert, Founder of the Sheltair Group


10:55 Energy Efficient City Program by ESMAP:

Jas Singh, Senior Energy Specialist, the World Bank


11:10 Closing Remarks: EdeJorge Ijjasz-Vasquez




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