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Global Launch

During Urban Research Symposium (June 28th-30th)


Date: Wednesday July 1, 2009

Time: 8:30AM - 12:30PM

Venue: Room 92, Palais du Pharo

Special Session



Abha Joshi-Ghani, Sector Manager, Urban Development, Sustainable Development Network, the World Bank

Keshav Varma, Urban Sector Director, East Asia Pacific Region, the World Bank


8: 30 - 9:45 Opening Session

·  Opening and Welcome Speech: Zoubida Allaoua, Director,   Finance, Economics & Urban Department, Sustainable Development Network, the World Bank

Keynote Address: Clever Almeida, President, IPPUC (Institute of Research and Urban Planning of Curitiba)  

·  Q&A

·  Overall Framework of Eco² Program: Analytical and Operational Framework: Hiroaki Suzuki, Lead Urban Specialist, Finance, Economics & Urban Department, the World Bank/ Team Leader of Eco² Cities program

·  Discussion


9:45 – 9:55 Coffee Break


9:55 – 11:05 Second Session

· Integrated Urban Design and Full Cost Accounting: Arish Dastur, Urban Specialist, Co-Team Leader of Eco² Cities program, the World Bank

· Eco² and Social Dimension: Nanae Yabuki, Policy Analyst, the World Bank

· Stockholm Case Study: Malin Olsson, Urban planner/Architect, Head of Section, Planning Department, City of Stockholm

· Discussion


11:05 – 12:15 Third Session

·  Spatial Development and Urban Design for Eco² Cities: Alain Bertaud, Urban Planner and Land Development Expert

·  Material Flow Analysis and Eco-Eco Accounting: Application and Cases: Sebastian Moffatt, Urban Systems Design and Ecological Planning Expert, Founder of the Sheltair Group

·  Energy Efficient Cities Initiative: Feng Liu, Senior Energy Specialist and Ranjan Bose, Senior Energy Specialist, ESMAP

·  Discussion


12:20 – 12:30 Concluding Session

Wrap Up by chair




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