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Urban Week 2011

Sponsor: Sustainable Development Network









Urban Sector Days 2011 
January 31-February 1, 2011

Urban Learning Days 2011
February 2-3, 2011 

Presentations and video links are included on the session pages.

Feature story 

The World Bank Group’s annual Urban Week 2011 was held from January 31-February 3 at its Headquarters in Washington, DC. The overall theme for this year's event was “Sustainable Cities of the Future”. This annual gathering brings together World Bank staff from around the world and representatives of international development organizations, private sector and governments to engage in learning, experience sharing and networking. The program was organized in a series of interactive plenary and parallel sessions that allowed for cross-regional exchanges as well as discussion of emerging approaches.

During the Urban Sector Days, January 31-February 1, special emphasis was given to the Bank's operational work within the pillars of the Urban Strategy.

Following the Sector Days was a series of Learning Events (February 2-3) covering topics including Assessing and Planning for Risk to Climate Change and Disasters in Cities; Exploring Adaptations on Energy/Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Urban Development; Historic Cities and Cultural Heritage; Carbon Finance and Emissions Trading Systems for Cities; and The New Cities Alliance: Catalyzing Urban Transformation.

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