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Montreal Ecocity Summit 2011
August 22-26, 2011

The World Bank Eco2 team attended the Ecocity World Summit in Montreal from Aug 22-26, 2011. The summit was hosted by the Montreal Urban Ecology Center, with the aim of stimulating knowledge exchange on Ecocity thought, practice, policy and implementation. It was attended by more than 1,000 participants from over 70 countries.

During the conference, the Eco2 team made the following three presentations:

Promoting compact urban design for cities in developing countries (pdf 937k) in the concurrent session on Ecocity Economics in the Global Marketplace

Eco2 Cities: concept, implementation and its spatial dimension (pdf 1.5m) in the concurrent session on International Organizations: The Key Actors for Ecocities

Eco2 Guide (pdf 376k) in the concurrent session on Paradigms and Metrics for Ecocity Economics

Last updated: September 12, 2011

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