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Video interview of Anthony G. Bigio, Former MDTF Administrator


Tourism and PPPs
IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships




The Investment in Urban Heritage: Economic Impacts of Cultural Heritage Projects in FYR Macedonia and Georgia
David Throsby, Macquarie University, Sydney

Economics of Uniqueness cover photo

The Economics of Uniqueness: Investing in Historic City Cores and Cultural Heritage Assets for sustainable Development
Guido Licciardi and Rana Amirtahmasebi (eds.), World Bank


Harnessing the Hidden Potential of Cities: Can Cultural Heritage Investments Support Inclusive Urban Development?
Report from the Oslo Workshop, 11-2 April 2012
Inge Lindblum and Carsten Paludan-Muller (eds.)

Northern Ireland Historic

Study of the Economic Value of Northern Ireland’s Historic Environment  PDF 536k
Summary Report  PDF 70k
Economics for the Environment Consultancy Ltd (eftec)/RSM Mc Clure Watters

Mozambique image

Facilitating Large-Scale Tourism Resorts in Mozambique: The Tourism Investment Generation Approach  PDF 1.8 MB
Investment Climate Advisory Services, World Bank Group



Great Wall, China

Conserving the Past as a Foundation for the Future: China-World Bank Partnership on Cultural Heritage Conservation  PDF 9.1GB
Katrinka Ebbe, Consultant, World Bank
Guido Licciardi, Urban Specialist, World Bank
Axel Baeumler, Senior Infrastructure Economist, World Bank


MNA Knowledge and Learning ...Fast Brief Series
Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism for Inclusive Economic Development  PDF 404KB
Christianna Johnnides, Urban Specialist, MNSUR, World Bank
Chantal Reliquet, Senior Urban Specialist, MNSUR, World Bank
Madhu Raghunath, Senior Urban Specialist, MNSUR, World Bank


Measuring Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation: A Report to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  PDF 1.57MB
Donovan Rypkema and Caroline Cheong, PlaceEconomics, Washington, DC
Randall Mason, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, Historic Preservation Program



Study on the contribution of culture to local and regional development – Evidence from the Structural Funds
European Commission. Centre for Strategy and evaluation Services (CSES).
MedinaThe Urban Rehabilitation of the Medinas: The World Bank Experience in the Middle East and North Africa
PDF 1.75 MB
Anthony G. Bigio and Guido Licciardi, The World Bank


 Cultural Heritage: an Asset for Urban Development and Poverty Reduction
PDF 826 KB
Judy Baker, The World Bank
 Leveraging Cultural Heritage Assets for Local Economic Development
PDF1.49 MB
Katherine Sierra, The World Bank
En Breve, Responsible Tourism Series
Innovative Approaches for Tourism's Energy Challenge
PDF 1.15 MB
Eneida Fernandes and Zayra Romo, The World Bank
 En Breve, Responsible Tourism Series
How Tourism can (and does) Benefit the Poor and the Environment - A Case Study from Panama
PDF 362 KB
Irina I. Klytchnikova and Paul A. Dorosh, The World Bank
 En Breve, Responsible Tourism Series
Local Economic Development and Tourism
PDF 1.15 MB 
Tatsuji Hayakawa and Monica Rivero, The World Bank
 En Breve, Responsible Tourism Series
Tourism and Indigenous Peoples - Lessons from Recent Experiences in Eco and Ethno Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean
PDF 4.37 MB 
Dorte Verner, The World Bank
En Breve, Responsible Tourism Series
Crime, Violence, At-Risk Youth and Responsible Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean
PDF 4.37 MB 
Lorena Cohan, The World Bank
En Breve, Responsible Tourism Series
Responsible and Sustainable Tourism - Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean
PDF 724 KB
Diana Ortiz and Tova Maria Solo, The World Bank
World Heritage Status: Is There Opportunity for Economic Gain?
PDF 6.02 MB
Rebanks Consulting Ltd and Trends Business Research Ltd on behalf of the Lake District World Heritage Project
Tourism Specialization and Economic Development: Evidence from the UNESCO World Heritage List
Rabah Arezki, Reda Cherif, and John Piotrowski
International Monetary Fund

Disaster Risk Management in East Asia and the Pacific
Disaster Preparedness for Cultural Heritage
Christianna Johnnides, Knowledge Notes, The World Bank

Infrastructure and Heritage Conservation: Opportunities for Urban Revitalization and Economic Development
Katrinka Ebbe, Directions in Urban Development, World Bank
Stimulating the Economy by Increasing Investments in Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism 
PDF 2.78 MB
The World Bank
Diversifying Investments to Stimulate Economic Growth: Promoting Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism
 PDF 133.59 KB 
The World Bank
Partnership for Development Strategies based on Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism. Concept Note
 PDF 1.05 MB 
The World Bank


 Heritage Theory - On Definitions of Cultural Heritage 
 PDF 208 KB
Prof. Dr. Jukka Jokilehto


Community Foundations – A Tool for Preservation of Cultural Heritage 
 PDF 7.70 MB
Juraj Mesik, Social Development Notes, World Bank

Case Studies on Climate Change and World Heritage 
PDF 7.70 MB
Lead author: Augustin Colette, Climate Change Consultant, UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Published in 2007 by UNESCO World Heritage Centre


Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage
PDF 755 KB
Research Report edited by Marta de la Torre
The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles


Values and Heritage Conservation
PDF 786 KB
Research Report edited by Erica Avrami and Randall Mason
The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles
Historic Cities and Sacred Sites: Cultural Roots for Urban Futures 
PDF 23.8 MB
Edited by Joan Martin-Brown, The World Bank


Economics and Heritage Conservation
 PDF 356 KB
Edited by Randy Mason
A Meeting Organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles
Very Special Places: the Architecture and Economics of Intervening in Historic Cities
 PDF 5.26 MB 

Ismail Serageldin, The World Bank

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