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World Bank Safeguard Policy on Physical Cultural Resources 

This policy addresses physical cultural resources, which are defined as movable or immovable objects, sites, structures, groups of structures, and natural features and landscapes that have archaeological, paleontological, historical, architectural, religious, aesthetic, or other cultural significance. Physical cultural resources may be located in urban or rural settings, and may be above or below ground, or under water. Their cultural interest may be at the local, provincial or national level, or within the international community.

UNESCO Database of Cultural Heritage Laws 

The aim of the database is to protect the cultural heritage as a whole by combating the looting, theft, illegal export and import and illicit trafficking of cultural property as well as the degradation and all other forms of deterioration of the heritage. By compiling on the Internet the laws for the protection of the cultural heritage promulgated by UNESCO’s Member States, the database makes it possible for everyone (governments, customs officials, art dealers, organizations, lawyers, buyers, etc.) to gain easy access to the laws in force. In case of doubt about the legal position, it is vital to be able to swiftly consult the relevant national laws. It might, for example, be necessary to determine whether certificates are required in order to export cultural property whose purchase is envisaged.

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