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Publications and Reports

The following publications, papers and presentations related to housing and land may be of interest.

World Bank (in date order)

Thirty Years of World Bank Shelter Lending: What Have We Learned? Editors Robert Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal; Transport and Urban Development Department, World Bank, June 2006.

The Dynamics of Global Urban Expansion, by Shlomo Angel, Stephan C. Sheppard and Daniel Civco, with Robert Buckley, Anna Chabaeva, Lucy Gitlin, Alison Kraley, Jason Parent and Micah Perlin; Transport and Urban Development Department, World Bank, September 2005.

Measuring the Risk on Housing Investment in the Informal Sector: Theory and Evidence from Pune, India, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3433, by David le Blanc, and Mudit Kapoor, October 2004.

Shelter Strategies for the Urban Poor: Idiosyncratic and Successful, but Hardly Mysterious, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3427, Robert Buckley, and Jerry Kalarickal, October 2004.

Analyzing Building-Height Restrictions: Predicted Impacts, Welfare Costs, and a Case Study of Bangalore, India. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3290, by Alain Bertaud and Jan Brueckner, April 2004.

Integrating Housing Wealth into the Social Safety Net: The Elderly in Moscow,World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3115, by Robert Buckley, Kim Cartwright, Raymond Struyk, and Edward Szymanoski, August 2003. 

Comparing Mortgage Credit Risk Policies: An Options Based Approach,World Bank Policy Research Working Paper # 3047, by Robert Buckley, Gulmira Karaguishiyeva, Robert Van Order, and Laura Vecvagare, May 2003.

Cities Without Land Markets: Location and Land Use in the Socialist City, Working Paper Series # 1477, by Alain Bertaud and Bertrand Renaud, June 1995.

The Do's and Don'ts of Housing Policy, Infrastructure Note HS-9, Stephen Mayo, April 1994.

Housing: Enabling Markets to Work, World Bank Policy Paper, April 1993.

World Wide Web Resources

While we hope you might find the links below of interest, please note the World Bank is not responsible for the content of the following links.

Rental Housing: An essential option for the Urban Poor in developing countries a report for UN-HABITAT, Nairobi 2003.

Structural Factors in the EU Housing Markets ( 469 KB PDF), European Central Bank, March 2003.

Clearing the Air in Atlanta: Transit and smart growth or conventional economics? ( 3.6 MB PDF), Alain Bertaud, December 2002.

Community Toilets in Pune and Other Indian Cities ( 242 KB PDF), Sundar Burra and Sheela Patel, June 2002.

The Contributions of Stephen K. Mayo to Housing and Urban Economics, Stephen Malpezzi, Journal of Housing Economics, 10, June 2001.

Housing Policy Matters: A Global Analysis, Shlomo Angel, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2000.

Economic Analysis of Housing Markets in Developing and Transition Economies, Stephan Malpezzi. In Paul Chesire and Edwin S. Mills (eds.), Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics. Volume III, North Holland, 1999.

Markets at Work: Dynamics of the Private Residential Real Estate Market in Hong Kong, Bertrand Renaud, F.I.H Pretorius and B.O. Pasadilla, The Hong Kong University Press, 1997.

A Framework for Reforming Urban Land Policies in Developing Countries, UMP Series # 7, by D.E. Dowall and G. Clarke, August 1996.


FSI and Real Estate Markets in Mumbai  (pdf file) by Alain Bertaud and Jan Brueckner, Mumbai, April 7, 2003

Housing Finance in Emerging Markets course (co-sponsored by WBI and Financial Sector), March 10-13, 2003; links to presentations embedded in the agenda.

Web site with links to publications 

While we hope you might find the link below of interest, please note the World Bank is not responsible for its content.

Alain Bertaud, Urban Planner. Web site with links to download his papers. Bertaud's work involves the study of urban spatial structures. He uses density profiles from 50 cities around the world in order to understand the efficiencies and inefficiencies of current urban forms.

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