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Thirty Years of World Bank Shelter Lending: What Have We Learned?

Editors Robert M. Buckley and Jerry Kalarickal

Transport and Urban Development Department
The World Bank
Washington D.C.

Over the past 34 years, World Bank lending to support improvement in shelter conditions totaled more than $16 billion for 278 projects located in more than 90 countries. According to independent evaluations, these projects have performed well, with more than 83 percent achieving satisfactory outcomes. This study reviews the lessons learned from this vast experience against a backdrop of changing perspectives on shelter policy and development lending. This review focuses on how the Bank can improve its delivery of such assistance in order to improve housing conditions in developing countries and reflects more general thinking about how the Bank can most effectively contribute to the overall development agenda.

Full Report (140 pages, 1.9 MB PDF)

Contents, Foreword, and Acknowledgements(7 pages, 70 KB PDF)

Executive Summary (7 pages, 63 KB PDF)

Section I. Introduction and Objectives (25 pages, 203 KB PDF)

Chapter 1. Introduction (4 pages, 52 KB PDF)

Chapter 2. The Evolving Objectives and Outcomes of World Bank Shelter Assistance (20 pages, 142 KB PDF)

Section II. Policy Instruments(41 pages, 1.3 MB PDF)

Chapter 3. Land Market Issues: The Mystery of Capitalism Revisited (14 pages, 1.1 MB PDF)

Chapter 4. Housing Finance: The Genie Is Out of the Bottle (9 pages, 94 KB PDF)

Chapter 5. Housing Subsidies: The Political Economy of Reform in an Nth Best Situation (12 pages, 91 KB PDF)

Chapter 6. The World Bank’s Direct Involvement in Low-Cost Housing (5 pages, 56 KB PDF)

Section III. Policy Summary (12 pages, 88 KB PDF)

Chapter 7. Conclusions and Recommendations (11 pages, 81 MB PDF)

Appendix: The Data (3 pages, 63 KB PDF)

Endnotes and Bibliography (21 pages, 121 KB PDF)


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