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Expanding Urban Land Supply: What Works?

Access to urban land is at the heart of urbanization.  Firms, both small and large know that location is key and actively compete for urban space. Meanwhile households in search of higher income and better prospects move to cities and generally consume as much land and housing as they can afford. In reality this is usually very little, not well serviced land that is either encroached or informally subdivided, upon which most of the urban poor either incrementally build their homes or rent some living space. For decades the World Bank and broader development community have been playing catch up through slum upgrading projects while many governments of the South have been waging an ill-conceived and losing battle to stem the flow of migration to cities.

The International Workshop on Expanding Urban Land Access was a structured forum for discussion around highly constrained urban land access that has been shaping the urbanization process and the welfare of urban populations of the South. Particular attention was given to specific tools for expanding land supply (such as land pooling, public land auctions and guided land development) for which there are ample global examples but limited Bank experience. The lunchtime launch of the Bank's new book 'Urban Land Markets' stimulated discussion around the latest learning on the roles of regulation, public land management and property rights. During the Workshop, emphasis was also given to understand the political economy context so that prospective interventions can better navigate the process of policy change and regulatory reforms. Presenters and facilitators were some of the most experienced and highly regarded practitioners and researchers in the field as well as Bank Task Team Leaders on the cutting edge of the practice.

**Please note that this workshop was videotaped and will be made available shortly**

Greeting the 800 pound gorilla on the way in: Understanding the political economy of constrained urban land access

Chair: B.  Levy, Advisor, PRMPS, World Bank

Looking at the Dynamics of Urban Land Governance - a Willful Diversion from the Conventional Approach   PDF 299KB
S. Barhate, Consultant, World Bank 

The Case of Nairobi  PDF 374KB
Charts  PDF 139KB
P. Ngau, Chairman, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Nairobi, Kenya
 J. Klopp , Assistant Professor of of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University, NY
The Case of Mumbai  PDF 840KB
 A. Pethe, Director,Department of Economics, University of Mumbai, India 

Discussant: J. Ahmad, Sector Manager, AFTUW, World Bank

How to expand urban land supply through direct intervention?

Chair:  N. V. Jagannathan, Sector Manager, EASIN, World Bank

Is land pooling viable for broader application?  PDF 
S. Ballaney, Environmental Planning Collaborative, Ahmedabad

Is it feasible to establish Rights of Way for future city expansion?  PDF 
R.  Goethert, Professor, MIT
 G. Arboleda, Independent Housing Consultant

How to make auctions of public land successful?  PDF 102KB
O. Kaganova , Senior Research Associate, Urban Institute

 T. Keicho, Senior Urban Environment Specialist, SASDU, World Bank
 R. Rajack, Senior Urban Development Specialist, FEUUR, World Bank

Book Launch: Urban Land Markets 

Chair: A. Joshi-Ghani, Sector Manager, FEUUR, World Bank

Improving Land Management for Successful Urbanization  PDF 181KB
 S. Lall, Senior Economist, FEUUR, World Bank

 G. Ingram, CEO and President, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
 M. Fay, Chief Economist, SDNVP, World Bank

Digging deeper into the tool box: What works, where?

Chair: W. Cobbett, Program Manager, Cities Alliance

Experience with less conventional land policy tools and regulatory simplification  PDF 797KB 
 G. K. Payne; Geoffrey Payne and Associates, London

What should today’s Sites and Services projects look like?  PDF 221KB
 R. Chavez, Consultant, World Bank

Discussant: C. Augustinus, Chief, Land Tenure & Property Administration, UN Habitat

Parallel Working Groups to Finalize Policy Notes:

(i) Transferable Development Rights – Room MC8-300
 R. Buckley, Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation
(ii) Guided Land Development – Room MC9-300
 R. Chavez, Consultant, World Bank
(iii) Community Land Trusts – Room MC4-300
 A. Durand-Lasserve, Senior Fellow, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris
(iv) Land Pooling – Room MC9-100
 S. Ballaney, Environmental Planning Collaborative, Ahmedabad

Next Steps

Chair: A. Joshi-Ghani, Sector Manager, FEUUR, World Bank

Short Report from Breakout Sessions
Facilitators (R. Buckley, R. Chavez, A. Durand Lasserve and S. Ballaney)

Next Steps
 R. Rajack, Senior Urban Development Specialist, FEUUR, World Bank


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