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Workshops and Brown Bag Lunches (BBL) sponsored by the Urban Poverty and Slum Upgrading community of practice (BBLs are informal meetings held at the World Bank over lunch on key topics of interest).


April 12, 2010 
BBL: Adapting to Urban Risk & Vulnerability: Working from the Ground Up 
Sheela Patel, Slum Dwellers International
January 27, 2010 
Workshop: Slums and Land Markets: Getting Ahead of the Curve
Various speakers
January 12
BBL: Insight on City Management: Perspective from Ahmedabad
Speaker: Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Mr. I. P. Gautam
Presentation: PDF Image


October 28
BBL: Engaging with Clients: a Multi-layered Perspective, Examples of Urban Sector Work in Africa
Speaker: Uri Raich, Senior Urban Specialist, AFTUW; Matt Glasser, Lead Urban Specialist, AFTUW
Presentations: PDF Image (Raich), PDF Image (Glasser)

October 21
Event: Is there New Hope for Slum Dwellers? Reflections from 30 years of experience
Speaker: Roberto Chavez, Architect & Planner

September 30
BBL: Building Resilience to Climate Change for the Urban Poor
Speaker: David Dodman, International Institute for Environment and Development
Presentation: PDF Image
September 23
BBL: Tackling Urban Poverty from the Ground up: A Conversation with Slum Dwellers International
Speaker: Sheela Patel, Chairperson, Slum Dwellers International
May 11
BBL: OBA for the Urban Sector
Speaker: Patricia Veevers-Carter, Program Manager, GPOBA, FEU
Presentation: PDF Image

April 27
BBL: Slum Prevention in Bank Operations 
Speaker: Roberto Chavez, Consultant, World Bank
Presentation: PDF Image

March 18
BBL: Slum upgrading: perspectives from Slum Dwellers International 
Speaker: Joel Bolnick, Slum Dwellers International and Coordinator of Community Organisation Resource Centre, South Africa
Presentation: PDF Image

March 11
Current Approaches to addressing key challenges in slums 
Various speakers

March 10
Meeting the challenges of Urban Poverty and Slums 
Judy Baker, Lead Economist, Urban Development, World Bank


November 5
BBL: Financial Exclusion, Housing, Community Services and Private Banks
Speaker: Tova Solo, Sr. Urban Specialist, World Bank
October 7
BBL: Urban Agriculture
Speaker: Marielle Dubbeling, Training and Policy Advisor, RUAF
Presentation: PDF Image
September 29
BBL: Housing the Poor in Pakistan
Speaker: Jawad Aslam, Acumen Fund Fellow
Presentation: PDF Image
May 27
Workshop: Innovative Approaches to Urban Upgrading
Various speakers

May 22
BBL: Local Poverty Monitoring - Experiences from Vietnam
Speaker: Gesa Grundmann

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