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  • Free Online Toolkit: Approaches to Urban Slums. This is a  self-paced sourcebook that compiles the rich and growing body of knowledge on the vital issue of improving the lives of existing slum dwellers. At the same time, it helps in planning for new urban growth in a way that ensures that future urban residents are not forced to live in slums.

  • Cities Alliance Slum Upgrading Activity. The Cities Alliance (CA) supports citywide and nationwide slum upgrading in accordance with the Alliance’s Cities Without Slums action plan (MDG Target 11). This site includes information on the CA's slum upgrading activities, projects and resources, and provides access to its multimedia.

  • Community-Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF). CLIFF enables organised communities of the urban poor to expand their existing portfolios of demonstration construction projects that work for the poor as well as for the city as a whole. These demonstration projects result in improved housing and sanitation for significant numbers of people.

  • Global City Indicators Facility (GCIF). The Global City Indicators Program provides an established set of city indicators with a globally standardized methodology that allows for global comparability of city performance and knowledge sharing. This website serves all cities that become members to measure and report on a core set of indicators through this web-based relational database.
  • Upgrading Urban Communities: A Resource for Practitioners. This resource promotes awareness of the critical problem of providing basic services to the rapidly increasing urban poor; captures and evaluates the growing experience from upgrading projects and programs; structures the increasing wealth of documentation for increased accessibility; and provides a resource for practitioners as well as for administrators. (Copyright 1999-2001)

  • Upgrading Low-Income Settlements - A Regional Roundtable for Africa. Documentation from the Regional Roundtable on Upgrading Low-income Settlements, in Johannesburg, South Africa, October 3-5, 2000.


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