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Sampling of Current Active Projects

Honduras: Bairro-Ciudad Project. $15 million commitment. IDA lending. Specific Investment Loan.
The project's objective is to improve the quality of life for the urban poor in Honduras and to enable their municipal governments to continue and sustain such improvements through capacity building and improved access to credit. The project consists of the following components: Component 1) includes city-level infrastructure projects to promote urban development and attract new investment, such as markets, transportation terminals and road infrastructure, cemeteries, slaughterhouses... 

Vietnam: Urban Upgrading Project. $250 million commitment. IDA lending. Specific Investment Loan.
The objective of the project is to alleviate poverty in urban areas by improving the environmental living conditions of the urban poor through the use of participatory planning methods and the promotion of more inclusive and pro-poor urban planning processes. The additional financing (AF) will help to finance costs associated with the gap resulting from a failure to secure parallel financing for the Tan Hoa - Lo Gom canal improvement sub-project and to cover a financing gap... 

Afghanistan: Kabul Urban Reconstruction Project. $25 million commitment. IDA lending.  Emergency Recovery Loan.
The project aims to improve urban management and the delivery of urban services in Kabul. This will be achieved by supporting the integration of selected neighborhoods into the urban fabric of the capital city through carrying out reconstruction and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure and enhancing the managerial capacity of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) and the Kabul Municipality (KM). The benefits flowing from the project will be measured... 

Tanzania: Local Government Support Project - Scale-Up. $98 million commitment. IDA lending. Specific Investment Loan.
The objective of the Local Government Support Program Project in Tanzania is to: (a) strengthen fiscal decentralization, and improve accountability in the use of local government resources and in the management of intergovernmental transfer systems; and (b) increase access to infrastructure and services in the unplanned areas of Dar es Salaam and improve revenue performance for sustainable operations and maintenance. The restructuring involves the reallocation of significant cost savings in component...  

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