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COSEPRE: Costs of Urban Cleaning Services

The Pan American Center for Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (CEPIS) has produced a software package, COSEPRE, which is a planning tool for costing municipal solid waste management options and comparing alternatives. COSEPRE was originally published in Spanish but is available here in English.

Managing the ever increasing volume of domestic, industrial, and commercial wastes is one of the greatest challenges that modern society has to face. In developing countries, the situation is even worse due to lack of grants for research targeted at solutions according to local realities. Moreover, models from countries with different conditions are brought into play by public cleaning designers and cleaning utilities often manage their limited financial means inadequately, without control, or insufficient knowledge of the resources that are being handled. All the above negatively affect the provision of urban cleaning services.

To help overcome these deficiencies, it is necessary to know the costs of each public cleaning service to identify those that are demanding more resources. In that way, a corrective policy to reduce costs while improving the quality of the services may be set up.

The COSEPRE program (costs of urban cleaning services, for its acronym in Spanish) allows the simulation of scenarios and facilitates the easy calculation of the annual and unit costs per service, based on information provided by the user. Besides the traditional services of manual and mechanical sweeping, collection, transfer and transportation, and final disposal, this new version analyzes the following services:

  • cleaning of beaches, streets, and plazas
  • maintenance of parks and gardens
  • collection of containers and green waste
  • treatment system: incineration, composting, and recycling
  • any additional service defined by the user.
    In addition to determine the costs of each service, the program examines the need for implementing a transfer station based on unit cost analyses and presents a cash flow for the installation of a sanitary landfill, estimating its useful life.

Preface, COSEPRE: Costs of Urban Cleaning Services

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